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Guest Post: Greeting Card Etiquette with Miss Janice

Hello y'all.  I'm Miss Janice from">Etiquette With Miss Janice
.  I'm honored to be here today to guest blog for Miss Tikaa!  I love Tikaa's blog and absolutely adore following her on Instagram.  She is truly gifted with a fabulous style!  Since it's that time of year for exchanging holiday greeting cards, I thought I would talk a little bit about holiday greeting card etiquette.

Your cards can be sent anytime after Thanksgiving and should only be sent to family or friends who are NOT receiving a gift from you.  A holiday greeting card should always contain a personal greeting from you.  When preparing your cards, consider the following:

~If you simply cannot resist documenting the events of the year in a newsletter, please send these only to your family and closest friends.

~Don't enclose confetti please--it's so annoying!

~Never sign a card or letter "Mrs. Gibson," it may be "Janice Gibson" and underneath "Mrs. Kenneth Gibson."

~The proper way to insert a card is to hold the envelope so that you are facing the back of it.  Lift the flap and place your card into the envelope face up towards you.

~The proper spot for a return address on social correspondence is on the back flap of the envelope.

~An honorific is a complimentary title used to address a person and to denote respect.  Everyone is entitled to an honorific, some are fancier than others--Mrs., Mr., Miss, Ms., Dr., Judge, Mayor, etc.  Always use an honorific when addressing an envelope.  I will use my name as an example.  My given name at birth was Janice Kay Sessums...I married Kenneth Craig Gibson.  My name is now Janice Sessums Gibson--notice that the Kay was dropped and Sessums became my middle name.  This is a Southern tradition for a bride to use her maiden name as her middle name after being married.  This makes it easy for people who have known you all your life to recognize your name.

~Don't address the envelope to "Mr. And Mrs. Kenneth Gibson and Family."  The proper address should be--"Mr. And Mrs. Kenneth Gibson, Grace and Patrick."

~Unmarried girls are called "Miss" until age 21.

~Boys are called "Master" until age 8, then are called by their first name, and at age 21 are called "Mr. Gibson."

Use Ms. Janice Gibson, if divorced or married.

Use Ms. Janice Sessums, if married and keeping maiden name, or divorced and keeping maiden name; a divorced lady never uses "Miss."

Use Mrs. Kenneth Gibson, if married and going by husband's name, or widowed with children.

Use Mrs. Janice Gibson, only if divorced.

Use Miss Janice Sessums, if never married.

Another old Southern tradition is to keep the man's first and last name together; I.e., address/refer to us as Janice and Kenneth Gibson NOT Kenneth and Janice Gibson.

A married couple with one having a title and the wife still using her maiden name--Dr. Janice Sessums and Mr. Kenneth Gibson.  If the husband is the Doctor--Dr. And Mrs. Kenneth Gibson.


Mr.--Messrs.  (two or more brothers)



Ms.--Mses. Or Mss.

Holiday cards are a great way to stay in touch with those we haven't seen for a long time.  Be sure to Make Your Cards Memorable.  It's also important to consider the recipient when choosing your cards.

I'm sending this card to our friends and family who celebrate Christmas..."Merry Christmas, May your holidays be bright and beautiful!"

I love this card that I'm sending to our friends up North...rubbing it in that we're not shoveling snow--"Obnoxious, aren't we?!"

I'm sending these cards to our friends of the Jewish faith..."May you enjoy the timeless traditions and joyful glow of Hanukkah."


Now y'all get busy and get those cards in the mail!

* Thank you to the perfectly preppy and absolutely precious Miss Janice (of ) for being my first guest blogger. I adore her and know you all will to.  Thank you Miss Janice, you are an inspiration.

Merry Christmas,


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  2. Amazing guest post! Thank you both! Learned a lot that will be useful for years to come.

    Hugs & Happy Holidays!

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