Friday, November 9, 2012

Nutcracker Market Part 2

Ok, here it goes my Nutcracker Night highlight: we start off meeting up at our hostess home in Houston bringing sweet and savory treats of all kinds. Loading the bus with all the delectable goodies of both the food and beverage varieties. Next we do the five (or less) mile trip over to Reliant Center and storm the building!

This years theme is Tinseltown and it was fabulous, super sparkly and beautifully decorated. Cheers to all those volunteers. 

Like I mentioned before there is food around every turn. Please do not ask what they were serving because taking this picture as I walked by was the closest I got.  I do not eat, there is NO time.

They have these beautiful tables set up in front of the stage decorated to accent the theme of the year. I never set down, looks like no one did. Shop, shop, shop.
Some booths are decorated to the max and some are simple and streamlined. This booth was pretty, its not exactly my style, but it was eye catching and festive.

I know everyone loves paper straws, and yes they are precious and absolutely picture perfect for a party photo. I think they are beyond cute, but I can not stand to drink out of them! After five minutes my straw will barely stand up on it's own in cup it's so icky and mushy. Maybe I've bought bad ones, I don't know, but other that photographing and adding some color and an adorable touch to a child's party they are icky to use.
These deer came in three sizes and would look stunning if your Christmas decorations have a  woodland feel/look to them. I do have one area that I use all my antlers when I decorate for the holidays...maybe I should have bought some. Oh well, there is always next year.

This vendor also has a storefront in Houston. They have been doing the Nutcracker Market since I can remember and there booth is always packed. Everything is decoupaged and beautiful, they also do custom work. They sell tissue box covers, trashcans, frames, mail holders, coasters and large wine coasters (which I buy to use for drinks and next to my bed for jewelry, I like the extra space).

That BIKE, those HUNTER wellies!!!! MacKenzie-Childs is stunning and a classic. They have been sold in Neiman Marcus forever! This booth is covered in MacKenzie-Childs and was offering 20% off. JACKPOT! I may have picked up a few things, I have developed a small MacKenzie-Childs addiction. One must feed an addiction, RIGHT???
P.S.- Dear Santa, I want that bike.
I've mentioned it before, the Bubble necklace. Poor JCrew, they make a fabulous necklace and everyone loves it so much it becomes copied and ruined.  I have four and can not bring myself to wear them any longer.
R.I.P Bubble Necklace

This booth had tons of Word Art, everything is painted on a canvas with different sayings, sizes and super inexpensive. They had non-seasonal images and words also.

This was a booth called The Treasured Accessory, although their jewelry was of the trendy and costume variety it was extremely pretty. They had tons of incredible pieces that I would love to own. I did get a pair of earrings. Check them out online, everything was sooooooooooooo pretty and simple. LOVED IT ALL.
Yes, I said simple and I loved it! I do wear simple...on occassion. I would more if I had more of there beautiful accessories.
I have mentioned I like to shoot skeet, well this bracelet almost seems like a staple for shooters. Shooters I know anyway. Traditionally they are made of elephant hair. This silver and gold version is a take on the original elephant hair bracelet. They also make one with diamonds!!!!  YES, I'd love one, thank you for asking.

Sit down because this is to hot to read if you are standing. 
These are the super hot, incredibly sexy pajamas I bought. Lets not forget the matching robe. I know they are making everyone cringe, but I have children, they have friends, and basically there are always children of all ages at our home. These pj's and robe are perfect for lounging around.
I love the polka dots! The blue floral ones reminded me of a Ralph Lauren pattern so I couldn't resist.
They were from the PJ Lady (actual name of her booth), and at twenty dollars a set, I went buck wild. Now all I need to do is add a monogram and we will look precious in our pj's.

I'm instagram addicted, I check my email a ton of times and I take a bazillion pictures with my phone, so it runs the battery to nothing and usually by noon everyday. The solution, this little device. You charge it, then attach to your iPhone when you need some battery life.  LOVE IT!!!! On a side note, J Crew sells them too!

Toward the back of the Nutcracker Market there is a booth that sells only Styrofoam cups. They have been for years and there is always a line. I picked up these adorable cups as well as some Louis Vuitton ones (for my daughter). I wonder what Tory would have to say, I'm sure they would meet her approval...right??
It wasn't easy to take pictures, shop, carry things...remember to take more pictures. I'm sorry I didn't get more photos. If you live in Houston and can make it, the Nutcracker Market at Reliant is worth the trip, even if you don't find what you are looking for (which I can not imagine) the energy, decorations, and people alone are worth the trip.  They are open through this Sunday.
I'm ready to put up my Christmas trees now!


  1. Putting up the tree today and heading to the Market tomorrow. What a way to start the holidays!

  2. what a fun girls night out!
    Tikaa, what's the Houston vendor's name for the tissue box covers? Also, the styro cups? Would love to ck their websites.....

    thx for the fun report!

  3. JVW,
    I'll send you an email.
    Thanks for the comment.

  4. Hi, Tikaa - I would also like to know how to buy the tissue box covers and the pj's. Will you send to me too?


  5. Hi - I would also like to know how to buy the tissue box covers and pj's..thanks!


  6. Patty,
    I sent you an email, hope it helps. Let me know what you end up with.


  7. I'm going to the Austin Christmas Affair this weekend...I'll be looking for the Power Mate Plus and the styrofoam!!!!!