Friday, December 7, 2012

Food Funeral

Recently I read a post or two from a woman who talked about "dream outfits" and "last meals." She'd talk about eating the brownie dough out of the tube and then the next thing I was reading is how she turns down jobs because she is intimidated by how she looks. I feel very sad for her, I do not have a weight problem but would imagine it is difficult. I did truly feel horrible for her and decided to say a prayer that she finds her confidence. Her post were sad, her DH (dear husband) didn't sound supportive and actually called her "spoiled and selfish" and will eat Reese peanut butter cups in front of her. She did seem to be ok with all of it, maybe she is and then again maybe she isn't but my heart hurt for her. From what I read she had lost weight and sounded giddy with excitement and I was so happy for her...then I got to the part where she gained it all back. I give her credit, she knows her obstacles and problem areas and said she keeps her clothes from a 14 to a 24.

  All of that made me think and start preparing for all of the holiday parties we have coming up. I think it helps to mentally prepare yourself on what food you will be facing and deciding ahead of time what is "worth" eating. I don't expect to lose weight in December (well maybe) but I won't be gaining any by planning ahead and making smart choices (I'm not overweight but I have to watch and be careful). I need to have a "food funeral" for cheese. I've always said I am not against elective surgery and I'm planning on saving money for plastic surgery one day but not weight lost surgery. R.I.P. cheese


  1. You are adorable and cracking me up!


  2. Oh, that poor woman! I had a husband like that once ... not any more, though.

    I'm a Type 2 diabetic, so I have to keep my carb intake down. I, too, had a funeral for all my favourite foods. Bye, bread, I love you! I'll miss you, pasta! It isn't you, potatoes - it's me! I love you all!

  3. Heading to a baby shower today and yes it takes prep to attend parties if you watching your weight. I am currently doing some training for my job as Curves for Women will be changing with the new year. Lots to learn. Hopefully this lady can get into a support group that will help her with the struggle. I love my job! (and I've lost 3lbs this month so far!)

  4. This may sound harsh; however, in the community I live in, it seems people think it is normal to be morbidly obese. Obesity is an epidemic in this country. People are encouraging obesity in their spouses and children by eating in an uneducated fashion. Food addiction is just that, an addiction. Everytime I attend a social event, I am amazed at the overweight people, who obviously have huge food addiction issues, gossip about alcoholics, shopaholics or womanizers. Quite frankly, people need to take responsibility for their own actions including gluttony. If I screw around on my spouse and he divorces me, no one has sympathy. If I pig out, become obese and he divorces me, I am a victim. I don't understand that as both problems were caused by lack of personal self control.

  5. Very interesting point, anonymous. -Janyce.

  6. Thanks ladies,
    The comments were great. I am surprised I thought I'd get a lot of heat for this post. But I did honestly feel bad for this woman (until I read she had gained it all back). I'm guessing she has bigger issues and food is her security blanket. Oh well, for me I know what I have to do to prepare for the holidays, parties and sugar sweet and carb injected goodness...stay away it's not worth it.
    Merry Christmas,

  7. I gain weight every single December...oink!! I always get back on track in January though!!