Monday, December 10, 2012

Guest Post: Nicky from Momma Gets Real...Must Haves

Hello girls, I'm Nicky over at Momma Gets Real... I'd like to believe, I'm a "tell it like it is kinda girl"... all bark... no bite.

Currently I'm living in a state of chaos. Which really is nothing knew... except we added a major ZING to this year by closing on our current home ... and moving into a new home 4 days after Christmas. I know... it's ridiculous. Who moves during Christmas time? Someone who has lost her ever lovin' mind. Have we met? Hello... "I'm Queen of Crazytown".

So... with moving, the kids school, church, and sport activities, ... Christmas and OH! ... having a husband that insists on deer hunting during this "festive" season... {I can't leave him... he cleans the bathrooms... for this reason alone... it's "death till us part"}... I'm a little on edge. But don't worry, somehow I manage to thrive in the chaos... like every good momma does. {wink}

Tikaa and I meant through Instagram... I ran across her glorious silver arm candy... and I stopped dead in my tracks... I promptly went through her feed... and noticed cowboy boots, antlers, pearls, Tory Burch, and diet coke. HELLO! I just meant my country soul sister. And, we've been dishin' ever since.

I was so honored when she asked me to guest post over in your neck of the woods with my Top Holiday Must Haves. Thank you Tikaa!


1. We have a tradition each year that we do with our kiddos... I call it "Ode to the Tree Skirt"... I just did a blog post about it on Monday. I started it 12 years ago with Greta... and this year we finally filled up the skirt. I'm gonna have to add tiers or ruffles next year to it for future footprints. It's been our most favorite Christmas tradition yet. If you're just starting your family, if you're a grandparent, or teacher... DO THIS... it's fantastic.

2. My favorite white platters, cake stands, and serving ware... which is currently getting boxed up... boo. I know Tikaa is no stranger to gorgeous serving platters and dinnerware. It seems that during the holidays hosting and preparing meals is always imminent. Pretty plates are a must!

Confession: I bake my cakes from a box ... and I make cookies from a tube... but dang it... I make up for it in presentation!

3. Gift wrapping... it's the little things ... the details... that I can be OCD about. And I found out through IG ... I ain't the only one that painstakingly will arrange the presents just so know- the bigger ones go in the back... and then descend by size... no two presents with the same design should sit right next to each other... you want a good mix... diverse group of presents. {Did I go to far with that one? ... I warned you... Type A cuckoo for coco puffs, that's me }

Anyways... I love to gift wrap... and I love to make things personal. 

4. The Christmas movie line up. Our movies sit out all month... and they're on constant rotation. Henry will watch The Grinch 24/7 if I'd let him. I'm not gonna lie... with me packing up a house... he's can recite the entire movie.

Ain't no shame in my game.

5. Diet Coke.... AND if you're feeling frisky... with a splash of Captain Morgan. It's the holidays and it's cold out... we all need a little something to warm up, right? And if you really wanna be festive serve it in a pretty koozie ... festive flask... or monogrammed mug ... whatever makes you wanna break out into "Jingle Bells". However, when you feel the need to belt out Amazing Grace... put the Captain Morgan down. {wink}

Happy holidays!

Thanks Tikaa... I'm humbled to have you as my IG friend. ;-)

p.s. I'm Nickyjack... if you wanna jump on the crazy train.
*Thank you Nicky for the guest post, you are ADORABLE!!!! I love your open attitude and fun flair. I can appreciate a girl who will tell it like it is. Good luck with the move, Have a very Merry Christmas. YOU ARE AWESOME,


  1. Thank you girl! I hope you have a great week!

    xoxo Nicky

  2. Nicky, your Christmas tree skirt is ADORABLE! I wish I would have thought of that when my daughter was a baby (oops, almost 15 years too late!). Best of luck with your move. Can't wait to add your blog to my "must read" list.