Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Holiday Home Decorating Part 2

First things first, yes I see the star is about to leap off the top of the tree and I have given up that battle. Our schnauzer Sara doesn't mess with tree but seems to be the right height to brush up against it and the star keeps tilting. I did for a brief minute think about wiring the star to the top of the tree but the last time I messed with the top of one of our trees SPARKS flew everywhere and The Judge was re-wiring the whole tree. It was not pretty! So I think we will live with it. The decorations in this room are semi natural by that I mean that I have real deer antlers in the tree as well as grapevine and pine cones, but the red berry's and birds are artificial (you know my experience with birds...strange to say the least).  We entertain as offen as possible, this is the room we build our gingerbread houses in and have dinner many nights (I prefer to eat in this room over the breakfast room, it's formal and I love that). I have a large workroom but prefer to blog here and do a lot of the time. It's the hub of activity in our home.
I've mentioned before I love gold. The lamps are gold, the frame and the mini ornaments in the garland are gold. The lampshades were made by and I'd part with the lamps in a second but hands off the shades. The room is 20 feet wide by 22 feet long and our table seats twelve. I did mention I love to cook and entertain, I may have more sets of dishes than LV might be a close race. The furniture at the moment is all painted black with black and white gingham fabric on the chairs and used again for the drapes. The table actually caught on FIRE during a party once. Think napkin, chafing dish and Sterno...which lead to fire extinguisher. Note to anyone thinking of inviting me to a party...I can operate a fire extinguisher under pressure and in front of a large crowd (and have twice). The fire burnt the table top, the fire extinguisher left a grayish white film, and then came the sanding and painting. Oh well, I guess I know what to do this spring when I change the color.  No I will not be lighting it on fire!

Closer look of the tree, I opened up a grapevine wreath and cut it into sections then added to the tree with the antlers and go from there.

The children think it's funny that we have a tree with birds in it, considering all the bird drama I've experience. If Big Bird knocked on my door tomorrow I would not be surprised.
I'd love to say I've collected these Shiny Bright ornaments one by one over years and years. The truth is yes I collect them, but my collection started with a bang and by sheer luck! I was at an estate sale opened a box and wow it was full of shiny bright ornaments all for ten dollars. SOLD! From that point on I have added to them through the years. These are in a huge wooden bowl I found in the fields during Round Top antique show its about 26 inches in diameter and is 7 inches tall. I mention size of rooms or certain pieces because pictures can be deceiving and measurements give a better understanding of size and scale. The bowl of shiny bright ornaments is placed on our table in the family room.
A peek of the family room. I hate that burlap ribbon crap! It will be leaving this house and never returning as soon as the holidays are over. What was I thinking, why did I give into pinterest...I am a sucker! Oh well lesson learned...follow your likes even if it's not always popular. UGH, it looks worse in pictures! I'd set fire to it but a new fire extinguisher is on my list to pick up on my next Target run. At least the ornament garland is pretty and the Consuela boxes are a nice collection.

A small collection of decoupaged plates. I have a small obsession with a Houston designers work of all things decoupaged.
I am a whizzzzzzzzzzzzzz with the special effects on my camera, can you tell????  That's what I call a happy accident (wink, wink). A few years ago the children wanted colored lights on the Christmas tree and I of course wanted white lights. What do you do??? The Judge came up with an excellent idea, he took our already wired with white light Christmas tree and added color lights. The bonus was that he added two switches, flip one and only the colored lights come on, flip the other and only white lights come on, flip them both and you have white and colored together. Whatever the mood or consensus of the room then that's the color of the lights on the tree that night.
P.S. It's usually both!
Our tree is a ever evolving collection of Christopher Radko ornaments I have been collecting for twenty years or longer. Since before I was married I collected them, my mom's tree is covered in Christopher Radko it's a family tradition. The family tree will always be just that...a collection of ornaments through the years. The children pick out one each year, that will hang on the tree now and one day hang on their tree in college and their home. I love that we can look at ornaments and remember different times in our lives and different interest of our children.

The ceiling in this room are ten feet and so is the tree! My Radko tree topper will not fit and instead I have them in a bowl. Since buying this tree and the whole re-wiring with color and white lights I let the children pick out tree toppers. We have two current favorites: Santa and  a Reindeer both from Pottery Barn a few years ago. Currently Santa is jammed into the top of the tree with his head holding up the ceiling.

Slipcovers and lampshades are again all made by what can  I say she is an artist with a sewing machine. This room is 32 feet long and 22 feet wide, a huge rectangle. I'd like a seagrass rug and I could have one made but I hesitate because of our dogs. We love our dogs and yes Rupert is only 3 pounds and Sara is about 14pounds and probably would no damage running around on a beautiful seagrass rug. The concern is 100 pound Harriet the Airedale who just turned one and doesn't understand she is gigantic (I guess hanging out with petite little dogs did that to her). We love them all and they really are perfect...for us anyway.
 A view from the other side of the room. The picture was taken earlier in the month so the gifts had not been added under the tree at that point. With the new year brings new windows, new drapes (ugh those are old) and new paint (we had a leak...insert frown).  Secretly the leak has done me a huge favor, this room will be brought back to life and made current!
This isn't the whole room, I can't seem to get in the right spot (maybe there isn't one) to photograph the entire room. Gee I must have a thing for lamps! I decided not to put all my nutcrackers out this year, my mom started collecting them I was child. I have several that are missing an eye (or now have one eye and one sharpie colored eye) and some that are going bald (fur falling off, they are old) and maybe one or two that have been officially retired. It's hard not to put out the old, one eyed and half bald nutcrackers I remember them from my childhood and in there glory days. They are a tradition.
A view from the other side of the room. I forgot to take that bench out! That does not belong in there (was extra seating for a party).  I'm trying to picture a simple, more modest room. Maybe, you never know what the new year will bring. I read another blogger recently who said..."appearing modest makes me look more spiritual."
I'm going to throw out any idea of trying to fool people into thinking I am modest or more spiritual because of it. I am who I am and I promise it's not a front for appearing any other way.
Hope you enjoyed another peek into my Christmas decorating. I still have the library, kitchen/breakfast room, master bedroom and I could possibly show y'all my workroom.
Leave a comment, what room do you want to see next??
Since I've talked about our dogs, please meet: Rupert, Sara and Harriet.
Rupert - 9 years old
Rupert is Pookies dog and that's that! He sits on her bed and waits for her to come home from school and then follows her all over the house, sleeps with her, sits outside the shower and waits for her, he only wants her. Don't go near Pookies room at night he WILL bite you. He loves Pookie!

Sara - 6 years old
 I can not tell you HOW much I love this dog, I would carry her around in a baby sling
all day if I wouldn't look like a nut.
Harriet - 1 year old
She's a beauty and a sweet dog, I feel like we are still learning all about Harriet. She has no idea she's big, she does not know how to jump (thank goodness), you should see her try and get in the car...funny!  She's scared of the horses, loves Pookie, eats a bone in one bite (as well as a whole gingerbread house) and is not wild about men. We adore her.


  1. Beautiful usual! Wish I had half of your decorating style! I love seeing all your rooms, so any of them next would be great!

  2. This room is gorgeous, and it all looks great. I especially love your fireplace display. Gorgeous! I'm sure the whole house looks great.

  3. Love your decor, beautiful!! And I have a mini Schnauzer too...mine is a stinker!! I love him so much though!!!

  4. I think I want to come live in your house!

    I promise, I don't make a mess!


    I love Rupert (shhh! don't tell the others, he is my favorite).

  6. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL Tikaa!I haven't been over in a good while, but, I think I need to make a trip down 290 soon! I'll bring the Patron if you have the limes!

    PS... Love the doggies! and really any room in your home to view next would be awesome! Maybe you should just do a full home tour! lol.. see ya soon my dear friend.

  7. Oh Tikaa your home is amazing!
    It looks so welcoming, I love it!

    You have a beautiful home lovely lady <3 xx

  8. I love a room with lots of stuff!! Bring on the kitchen!

  9. Oh, Tikaa! Thank you so much for the tour. Your home is as incredible as I knew it would be!!! I love that you too are a lamp girl. I've got them all over my house as well. I would rather have lamp lighting than overhead lighting any day.

    I also LOVE that big white and gold mirror in your family room. You will have to help me snag one of those on our next RT trip (I'm thinking that may be where it came from…Yes, No!?!?!) :)

    I also love your collection of statues. Every single detail is perfection. So warm, cozy and inviting. What's that? Sure, I'd love to join you for a cup of coffee. Hahaha

    Yes, I too will vote on your kitchen. I love to cook and am in my kitchen a lot. I bet you have some wonderful eye candy in there as well.

    Here's to a wonderful day!