Monday, December 17, 2012

Online Photos v. Real Life

(photo was taken this past Friday)
I wish I could...wait I could do what I am about to profile pictures (any online photos) of different people and then show them (a current picture). I'd probably get a bunch of anonymous hateful comment...but it would be funny.
Recently a family member mentioned the comical reality of online dating they had experienced in re guards to online photos and real life. Then the other day I came across a picture of someone I know and was SHOCKED at the photo they were using of themselves. I'm pretty sure it was close to a year and a half  when she original posted the picture, at the time she commented that she had "photo shopped" the picture (well she had someone do it for her). In her original comments she said she had a few pounds shaved off (not in reality but off the actual picture). Now she's using the picture again. I know this is not a new idea and that tons of people use out of date, thinner and younger pictures. What I don't understand is WHY??? Let me start over...I understand the WHY they do it but HELLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOO don't you think your photo and real life are going to intersect -EVER!
The picture I saw the other made me scream out loud "WHAT the H%^L.. she posted a picture that isn't even close to what she looks like"...WHY? Sure no one wants to look fat or old in a picture but if you shave off fifty pounds from a picture isn't that a little hard to explain when you run into someone who knows you? Am I not suppose to act surprised that her current picture is a smaller(much, much smaller) version of what I see in drive thur each week?  Do I ask if she is having medical concerns, or should I start planning a baby shower, a meal rotation of all concerned mommies, a prayer chain.
I do NOT get the reaction people are looking for when they post younger, thinner pictures of themselves. I'd want to shoot myself if every time I got online I was looking at a picture of years ago or some thinner version of myself.
How could that possibly make anyone feel better?


  1. As always, interesting post. Since I mostly read interior decor blogs, I really don't care what anyone looks like. I am mostly identifying with their design sense/style. If someone is fat or old but they have innate taste like Sister Parish I am reading. Now if they are showing "arm candy" or "outfits of the day", I am probably going to only relate to someone who I can identify with~~Victoria Beckham thin, Catherine Zeta Jones gorgeous and Diane Lane young looking for their age.
    As far as online dating, that idea, if I were single, sounds extremely uninteresting.
    Though I don't use drive-thru's, I have found, in all aspects of life, most people
    don't have a true self awareness.
    Looking forward to your new changes coming up! :-)