Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My NyQuil Fog!

I haven't blog in almost two weeks!!! Eeeekkkkkk....I am a bad, bad, blogger. Sorry!!!
In my week defense I've been at a horse show with Pookie, who did AMAZINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG. Five first place ribbons, it was a great show. Pookie did an incredible job. After the Ft.Worth Stock Show with Pookie I went straight to Dallas for Market and came back the night before Little Einstein's birthday. When I arrived home Little Einstein surprised me with the news that he wanted banana pudding for his "special birthday snack" the next day at school.  I managed to get 22 individual banana puddings made in sock monkey cups with wooden red striped wooden spoons (Little Einstein loved it). Next I prepared for the rest of the weeks activities and weekend birthday sleep over. Then on top of everything else the last three and a half days my cocktails have made with NyQuil. My head was pounding and the oooey gooey congestion was just - gross! 

Thankfully that's better. Cheers NyQuil!
 Then at dinner tonight I thought my head may exploded from all the updating my family was hitting me with. At that moment I REALLY wanted sister wives, it makes perfect sense - one to help with the cooking and cleaning and one to help with all the children's activities. Okay it could have been the NyQuil, but then again I was a Big Love fan (minus all the children).  As I'm daydreaming of sister wives The Judge throws in some crazy idea of buying an RV. All of a sudden my dreamy visions of sister wives folding laundry and running to the grocery store were invaded by Cousin Eddie in a bath robe emptying his shitter on the front lawn! Literally I opened my mouth and out came "we are not buying an RV, I quit girl scouts when they made me go camping..and I need a sister wife!"   
Now at this point I'm pretty sure The Judge thinks I've overdosed on NyQuil.

I must admit my behavior has been strange (in the past week), I've become obsessed with Shahs of Sunset and OMG I'm already half way through the second season of Pretty Little Liars. WTH!!!!!!! I'm googling hair extensions by GG  (she's on Shahs of Sunset) and lashes by Lilly (also on Shahs of Sunset). I think I'm craving Prussian food but scared to eat (have you seen these women on Shahs of Sunset or Pretty Little Liars). I may officially be having a mental break - Sister wives, Cousin Eddie, Shahs of Sunset and Pretty Little Liars...I need a trip to the city!  Sick or not I'm getting in my car and heading to Houston tomorrow, other wish I may end up with my hair highlighted with shades of pink or blue and earrings the size of dessert plates. Ugh!!!!!


  1. Ha ha ha Lay off the Nyquil girly!

  2. You are hillarious! Glad you're feeling better!

  3. Ha! I feel your pain!!!!!
    linda miller
    south caroina

  4. You ate cracking me up!!!
    Take good care and feel better soon!!!

  5. NyQuil will make you hallucinate that "A" is after you!

  6. Oh my goodness! This was a fun post! Love your names for your babies. I have pet names for mine too. I nearly peed my pants to reference to cousin Eddie. Shahs, yea gotta love all the foo foo! Glad your baby girl did so well. Nighty nighty and sleep tight with your NyQuil :)

  7. Love your blog and so happy for Pookie and her blue ribbons! I grew up riding and I loved every second of it and still do. Shahs of sunset cracks me up...sometimes I watch it to realize just how normal my life is! Glad you are feeling better!

  8. Oh my gosh Tikaa, I think this is my favourite post of yours, ever.
    You are so funny, so down to earth, I love it!

    I hope you're feeling a lot better now & maybe lay off the NyQuil a bit :P xxx