Friday, January 4, 2013


So the New Year is full swing, school will begin again Monday and routines and schedules will resume. I've been thinking about the whole New Year's Resolution thing...make some resolutions...don't. I usually do and on the whole it goes pretty good, not a 100 percent but over all I would say I don't completely trash the list and give up. Then I started thinking if I was going to make a list of resolutions should I share it, I know I'll be judged, some of my resolutions will be silly, quirky, off the wall, serious, shameless, etc... Oh HELL who cares, here it goes

1. Swear and drink more  (KIDDING, but I got your attention).

2. Drink more water and less Diet Coke (this one is iffy, sure I like a little sugar once in a while and cheese may be my BFF but Diet Coke sooths me like tequila comforts a alcoholic.) Maybe I could switch to caffeine free Diet Coke wouldn't that be like an alcoholic drinking non-alcoholic beer?

3. Sleep like a normal person and not a vampire.

4. Fix the "B" key on my laptop or maybe not...OMG I think I just did! I knew if I pounded away on that dang key long enough it would start working.

5. Shoot more, like in skeet and sporting clays. It's relaxing and I think about nothing when I get to practice. I like it.

6. Work on getting my card to judge horses, its always been ("B" key is working) odd "thing" I've wanted to do since Pookie started riding and showing horses when she was six years old. Horses are beautiful. I'm one step closer to this...may be taking my first classes in February (thanks to The Judge, he brought home information on classes). Feel free to laugh and roll your eyes.

7. Read less! I don't know!!!! I read a LOT, maybe I should read less. WHO says read less?

8. Wear more mascara and lip gloss ( this is not possible)..but I'll try.

9. Stop worrying about what everyone thinks...this is basically next to impossible. I say next to impossible because I live in a small town and the color of your pee is discussed in the morning drive thur line while dropping children off.

10. be that I mean - eat dinner on a blanket in the family room and call it a picnic, don't stress if soup and sandwiches are dinner, and take a deep breath and leave a dirty bowl or plate til the morning.

11. save (not stuff) I can buy a Celine bag.

12.Help my community by not texting in school zones while eating a Starbucks muffin,speeding through yellow lights and singing "we are family..."

13. purge (not my meals, my closets)

14. Blog more, inspire, style others, start my etsy store, give shopping tours of Round Top antique show each season (shop with the Josh & Brent...aka Fabulous Beekman Boys -

15. Memorize the periodic table...THANK YOU Little Einstein. I guess I need to add: purchase Periodic Table flashcards, app and wall chart.  Little Einstein wants to memorize it and thought it would be FUN if Mom did it with him. I'm all about my children and I'm looking on the positive side and am so thankful he didn't ask me to memorize fundamental Theorem of Algebra ( I suck at math).  Chemical elements organized on the basis of their atomic numbers, electrons and chemical properties in a strange way sounds way more entertaining than any mathematical theorems. Fingers Crossed!!!

16. watch more cute, tiny, furry kitten videos on you tube...while poking myself in the eye!

17. Buy less on eBay and more on QVC at 3:00a.m.

18. Eat more fruit...snacks (covered in chocolate).

19. Try really hard to get my picture on

20. be outrageous, adventurous and believe in myself more.

21. Stop planning for an attack of Zombie and buy less food and cleaning supplies...Wal-mart is not about to run out.

22. Never attempt swimming with sharks again...NEVER!!

23. Travel casinos.

24. Take myself less serious but believe in what I can do.

What's your silly, serious or nutty New Year's Resolution??


  1. You make me laugh! Love them all. You sure put my sad little list of 5 to shame--but really, what's so bad about #1? ;) too funny!

  2. You are SO funny! I need a list...I'll just put that on my list to start thinking about a list.

  3. OMG im in tears -- laughing so hard! happy new year friend!

  4. I agree, you crack me up.

    May I add a " whoo hoo" to number 14!!! Tours but Tikka. Love the sound of that. :)

  5. You are so full of yourself and I will not waste my time reading your blog again. Wait. I can't decide if it's full of yourself or DESPERATE for attention. Very sad, either way.

  6. My resolution is to take a photo of you and submit it to! :-)

  7. Too cute!!! Happy 2013 and here's to that gorgeous Celine bag!

  8. Your list is so fun! You have inspired me to make one. I'm with you on reading less and swearing more! Really, am looking forward to your blogging more as I've become sooo bored reading a lot of blogs lately. Is anyone out there original anymore?!!! I am so sick of kraft paper, burlap, tolix chairs, doll heads, numbered stairs, chalkboard walls and the whole "my home is a craft project" genre. Really design as reposted ad nauseum on pinterest is literally making me want to puke. I adore how you are irreverent and don't take yourself seriously! Sign me up for your Round Top trip! But I'll only go if everyone else in the group agrees not to act like they just discovered Royers for the uninformed masses and/or take the gabillionth picture of a french laundry basket. In 2013 I want fresh, new and funny! More Tikka!!!

  9. I would like to vote for #21 and #23 as mine too!!!

  10. I vote for #21 & #23 as my resolutions too!!!!

  11. I am totally down for #14!! I am so new to the Round Top circuit and need HELP!!

    Happy New Year, Tikka.


  12. Totally down for #14...this year, ok?


  13. Totally down for #14..this year, Ok?

  14. I vote for #14...this year, ok?

  15. Just wanted to say that I love your blog and thanks for commenting on mine (No Champagne, No Gain)!!

    Instagram: dionellanatasha

  16. I just threw my resolutions away... and I'm stealing yours...