Thursday, January 17, 2013

Style Me Pretty

 This week I met with and styled Lisa. She was a ton of fun, up for anything and super willing to try new looks. She's was a self professed fashion "don't" but the end of the afternoon I had her on the "do" list and after our first shopping trip she was quoting me and  picking out fabulous pieces. When I first arrived at Lisa's she has already taken out EVERYTHING from her closet and piled it on her bed and had two rolling racks waiting in the wings. She was READY for a change! Lisa is a stay at home mom of three children, volunteers at their school and is currently working on selling there home, her days are busy and her style and wardrobe needs are for casual looks, with style and flare but simple and relatively easy. I sat down with Lisa and asked her a few questions, her likes, don't likes, favorite colors, fabrics, accessories, etc... Her answer to most of my questions, "I'm up for anything, I really don't have a favorite color or dislike anything." I asked who's style she admired and she said mine. Did I mention how super sweet Lisa is?!?!?! 

I made close to thirty outfits out of what I thought Lisa should keep from her closet.  To start her wardrobe make-over I started a list of pieces to add, and a list of things she needed to STOP buying.  The above picture is a cute casual look with a plaid flannel shirt (Lisa is always cold) and cream colored cords, leopard belt and brown flats. I found out fast that Lisa loves plaid, and more than just plaid she loves flannel. Did I mention she's cold. First on the list of items she had to try and agree to stop buying was flannel plaid shirts. I even asked her to add at least two plaid flannel shirts to the donate pile ( i think she kept three and donated the others). 

I also wanted to show Lisa that mixing was easy and not be scared of mixing patterns. The minute I asked her to put this scarf on with the leopard belt she looked at me and asked "are you kidding?" No not kidding. Once it was all together, she was shocked and LOVED it. 

This is the same sweater and scarf as above but with a pair of chocolate flood pants she had. I asked her to put my gold shoes on and she almost left the room, she really didn't think she could pull it all off. She put my shoes on and took a look, then said "add gold shoes to shopping list" she was really having fun and getting into the whole process. 
I loved these pants, black with a tiny bit of silver simmer with a bit of a snake skin pattern. She had only worn them with a black jacket. When I suggested she pair it with a white tank, pink cardi and silver belt she just shook her head and said "REALLY." I assured her, she put it on and then said "add pink cardi to the list, this one's too big and I love the look." We have already found a newer version of the silver belt  and a great pair of flats. Still on the look out for a perfect pink cardigan. I also suggested she look for a mint green colored t-shirt to wear with the newer silver belt we just found. Another way I thought these black jeans would be fun was with a great red sweater or black turtleneck (for a monochromatic look).

In the past when Lisa wore a cardi she generally matched it with the coordinating  tank (twin set look). She did decide she really likes green (perfect since that is the Pantone color of the year, Emerald...and I LOVE green) and she had this cute little green tank laying around. She was such a trooper but there were many times she asked me if I was serious when I handed her a look to put on. How simple and cute does she look: jeans, green and white tank, yellow cardi, Sperry's and basic brown leather belt. Easy and simple, but she looks adorable and put together. 
P.S. Lisa, I really think that Gucci bag you have would be fabulous with the look.

Another piece of clothing I had to ask Lisa to refrain from purchasing was jackets or blazers. She is ALWAYS cold ( I wish I had that problem). I'm pretty sure about 10 jackets/blazers when into the donate pile. For this look I added a gray and white striped tank to cute read blazer, jeans and fun plaid gray flats.

"Can I really wear this together...Really????" Handing Lisa a blue and white striped button up, green cardi, and tan cords (I know they look white in the photo).  I also suggested that jean would be another alternative. Once on and looking in the mirror, she was sold.

This is the same green cardi from above (I did mention green is her new favorite color) and a more colorful t-shirt, brown leather belt, jeans and gold toms. I love the gold Tom's....I'm so jealoussssssssssssssssss ( can't find them in my size).

It's not exactly time for a full blown spring look, but she'll be ready. Great white pants, blue and white striped button up (collar UP) and simple flat with a gold buckle (later I found a cute pair of leather wedges in her closet, either pair of shoes would be great). Sorry for the head shot Lisa ( I tried to keep them all from the neck down.). She also has a white linen skirt and a pair of white shorts, LOVE white! Lots of options with white for the spring and summer.

This was a little dressier for "date night" a black trouser pant, printed blouse and black cardi with  an embellished trim. The blouse and trouser pant look fabulous alone too, but...Lisa is always cooooooooooold (so is The Judge). Nothing wrong with being cold and that cute cardigan will keep her looking incredible and warm.

I could go on and on showing you outfits, but I'll stop with the huge pile of donations. I can honest say that Lisa did not hesitate in putting pieces into the donate pile nor did she ever question it. She was so ready to make a change in her wardrobe and the way she thought about fashion. 
The of items we needed to shop for was small: a few more color cardigans (she loves them and they work for her wardrobe), a couple of belts, a few tops, some basic jewelry pieces (we are starting with the wardrobe and adding jewelry a little slower), and about four pairs of shoes.
It's been two days and she's called to tell me that she's had tons of compliments and could not be happier and can't wait to go shopping. Plus she was so happy that her closet was purged and felt organized and like everything made sense. BONUS all around, great outfits and updates and an organized closet. Win, win!!

She'll receive all the photos (I took a picture of each outfit and any variations) and I suggest she keep them in her closet and a detailed list of the items to purchase.

Thanks Lisa, I hope you loved it as much as I did, the time spent with you and your wardrobe never felt like work. I love your enthusiasm and willingness to give anything a try. 

Can't figure out what looks right with what, tried of the wearing the same outfit combos???? Spring fashions are hitting store and you don't know what to buy, I'd love to help.
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  1. Tikaa, if only you lived closer to me girl!!! You would surely pass out if you walked into my closet! Ha! You would probably pay ME to not have to style me! LOL But I would love it because I know you would be HONEST. It's hard to know what to wear when you have a husband like mine that says everything looks good, when I know clearly it's not possible!

    I love all the looks! I too enjoy casual outfits...

    You did an AMAZING job!

  2. Tikaa, what fun I've had reading this post! Just out of curiosity, is it possible to do this type of styling by e-mail or some other remote method? I have a fairly consistent look that I've grown comfortable with, but it could stand to be elevated a notch or two. Not sure I would be as willing an accomplice as Lise, though. Also, do you mind sharing what you charge for this service?
    The outfits you did for Lisa were darling - especially the first two. I don't care for the blazer as much, though. It makes her look a little boxy and she has such a cute figure.
    Thanks so much for sharing this.

  3. According to Fashion Experts it is a HUGE Faux Pas to wear the collars of your shirts UP......just thought I would let you know this style look went out in the 1980's with Risky Business (a 1980's Tom Cruise movie)

  4. Wow! great job!
    Check out my new blog!

  5. She looks great! Your style inspires me to dress better and get out of my mom sweats. Love your blog!

  6. She looks great! I love following your style images on instagram. You inspire me to get out of my mom sweats :)