Monday, February 4, 2013

Currently crushing over the following

I'm craving Spring like everyone I assume.
Which had me thinking of some of my favorite Spring "go to's" and a few new things I am completely obsessing/crushing over.
To start (and probably the most ridiculous), I am freakishly addicted to...Just Dance
I played it for the first time with my son and daughter on Little Einstein's birthday. I beat each child once!!!!! Never in a million years did I think I could, the have all the just dance games and love playing them, and they stomped me over an over. I probably shouldn't be so giddy over beating each child one time, but trust me when we play video games IT NEVER HAPPENS...I suck but enjoy playing. Finally winning kind of gave me boost that I could get back in there and lose the next three years. It's silly, fun and a workout (there is even a workout mode), I was sweating with my heart pounding after 6 songs and was ready for more. The funniest part was the video my children took of me "just dancing" I'll admit it was funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnny and slightly hard to watch. If you haven't played, send the children to school and get to dancing. Then surprise them when they get home. Again FUNNY!

It's no secret that I'm always carrying a drink with me, diet coke, starbucks, water...something! The perfect cup to do that is with out a doubt a Tervis Tumbler ($24). Their customizible feature is extremely easy to use and who doesn't love a personlaized gift. 

Sailcloth totes, this one is from 44 knots (made from 100% recycled sailcloth) and I think it would make the perfect spring/summer tote. I love the water and being out on the boat, so the anchor is perfect. This will defineitely be our grab bag for this sun and water season. I still love our LL Bean boat and totes but I'm ready for a little update and change. This seems like the perfect mix of classic and current, it's 21" wide by 14" deep and $165.

I have a gigantic crush on Alexis Bittar jewelry, and this necklace is at the top of my list for this spring, not to mention a few rings and earrings. It's all very pretty, a little edgy and modern but not to over the top. Gorgerous!!! My favorite pieces are the rings...but oohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that necklace (about $195).

One of my new favorite online sources to shop is 
Love the selection, it's completely NOT boring or something that has been done a million times. Fresh, fun and easy to find. They have a little bit of everything for all occassions. The quote tray above is $54, and I love the statement..WHY NOT!!!
 Check 'em out.
Another find, a super cute zebra tray (available in other colors and a great steal at $24).

Last item I'll ooodle over from is this precious Raspberry Recipe binder. I love it, but I am huge dork and keep my recipes extremely organized, right down to binder just for taking with us on trips, the lake, friends, etc... GEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I can't remember everything, I had to make a smaller go to book, this one's not price to bad at $48.

No big news on this one, just wanted to say I love my ipad. I wish I could gift it to all my BFF's.

If you are new here, then a quick side note - I LOVE jewelry.
This is necklace is new for Spring at J Crew. Every girl needs a new statement necklace for the the spring. (I think it's about $128)

Who doesn't love white jeans? They are basically my uniform. White, white, white...jeans, shirts, roses, linens, bed, slipcovers, towels,etc... I love white. The weird exception to my love of white is shoes. I hate white shoes, on my feet anyway. I'm trying to over come my white shoe issue.

I take a blanket with us...everywhere. Someone is always cold or one of the children are falling asleep in the car, etc... This throw can me made in tons of color combo's and of course you can change the initals (or add a monogram, last name, etc). Check out  (throw size $140)
This would make a perfect gift for ANYONE!

I'm in Galveston this week and while tooodeling around town I stopped in my tracks to drool over these lamps. They are incredible, beyond show stopping and would look fabulous in any room, but the perfect spot would be my bedroom. I'll have to start saving my pennies, each lamp is $600. I'm going back tomorrow to drool some more.

I've been crushing on the Celine bag foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and still am. 
But, this Tiffany tote is pretty and a bit more affordable (about $800). The color is beautiful,  it looks like when you reach inside a perfect piece of jewelery should magically appear.  This SHOULD be my spring bag. REALLY

Sandals scream spring and summer and make it a wedge and I am sold! These Vera Wang Lavender sandals are at the top of my list for spring. I love the gold and snake skin. There not to wild or strappy, basic but modern. I likie!!! You can find them at Neiman Marcus and slightly under $300.

What are some of your Spring/Summer must haves???

Mommy Moment ALERT----proceed with caution (eye rolling, possibly gagging  over the top proud momma spilling her with warning.)
My ULITMATE obsessions are Pookies FIVE First Place Ribbons, yes I am bragging on my child. She competited at the Ft. Worth Stock Show against 28 other horses of all ages (plus other classes) and she WON, WON, WON!!! It's a big show, it was an amazing day and anyone who says winning isn't everything or you should play for fun - SUCK IT!!! Winning is SUPER FUN, and Pookie works SO hard and practices and practices and practices, she plays, practices and works to win... so IT IS FUN!!!  I'm beyond proud she amazes me everytime she she heads into the arena. I do not have the courage to do some of the things she does with those horses. Again I am so proud! Congrats Pookie. She'll be doing it all over again in less than 10 days in San Antoino and then again in at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo (where she will also barrel's always been her dream to barrel race at The Houston Rodeo, she's competed there several times with her show horses).

Have a Fabulous week....LOVE all around,


  1. Hi Tikaa,
    thanks for the great resources! i just bookmarked the blanket site, love their stuff. I'm going to order one of the black ones for my son today for his bday next wk..
    I never did receive the cute monogram necklace I won, but maybe that vendor is behind with the holidays?? NO worry, I just wanted you to know....
    hope you're having a great day and that yall are having great weather there too....i'm luvin' the weather we've had in Austin!

  2. Jeanette,
    I'll check with them, I hate that! Sorry, but I'm sure it can get taken care of.
    I'd love a little cold weather, but you re right it's been pretty amazing lately.
    Oh that BLANKET..................enjoy.
    Talk soon,

  3. Tikaa,
    I love all your picks! THAT TOTE though.. IS TO DIE FOR! And from one proud momma to another DRAG ON YOUR KIDS!! I brag on my kid too... They practice, work thier asses off and play hard! And I 100% AGREE WINNING IS EVERYTHING and FUN!!!! My son's baseball team MOTO is GO HARD! OR GO HOME!!!!!!! Words he lives by!

  4. Tikaa - have missed you and your blog posts and glad you are back.

    Hey, it is your job to brag on your kids. Never apologize for that one.

    Hope you have me on the list for the Round Top trip. My bff and I are so looking forward to meeting you and all the glorious shopping.


  5. Well, first CONGRATS to your daughter and best of luck to her!!

    I really could not agree with you more about the Tervis Tumblers, the anal retentive recipe organizing, and the iPad! The 16 oz. is the perfect cup! No kidding, I literally drink more water because I like it so much (now I sound crazy!) ...but that's the truth!

    Love your fun-hearted approach! Have a great rest of week!

  6. I keep seeing posts on the Tervis Tumblers. I am way out of the loop. Must try! Checking out waitingonmartha website this evening, looks like a lot of great items.
    As always, love your style! And I agree, white shoes a no! Makes my foot look like it a ballooned two sizes.

  7. Congratulations on the blues!! I ride as well! :) I would love to see pictures of your horses!

    <3 tMg