Friday, February 22, 2013

Happy Swap - Undate/Find your Buddy!

Time to shop! Check the list to find your swap buddy.
$35 on items you love, personal favorites or things you adore. 
Ship to your buddy on or before March 9th. 

Patty ( and Carole (
Lili ( and Beth (
Cristina ( and Ashley (
Jaye ( and Donna (
Myko ( and Marcie (
Jennifer ( and Jessica (
Monica ( and Kristen (
Tikaa ( and Jill (
Tikaa ( and Brooke (

* I had a odd number of ladies signed up to swap so I took two (only seemed right, since I'm hosting)

Can't wait to see and hear what everyone received.
Put pictures of your goodies on instagram hashtag #totallytikaa and @tikaac