Sunday, April 21, 2013

My Strange Addiction

I've always been a girl in love with pink, flowers, polka dots...a very girlie girl. My workroom is pink as well as my closet. I almost always pick out pink nail polish and my lip gloss is always a shade of pink. I always hear that line in Steel Magnolia's "my wedding is a shade of blush and bashful." In other words Pink and Pink. Love THAT!!!  
Recently I saw some beautiful Lilly Pulitzer bracelets and immediate went to check out the diameter of the opening ( I have man hands), sadly after reading I knew they would not fit. Boo Hoo! Nothing new, so I forgot about the bracelets...until I remembered I had some unfinished wooden bangle bracelets at home that did fit me! After some YouTube research and computer time, I decided to attempt making my own  Lilly Pulitzer inspired bracelets. I purchased some Mod Podge (YouTube told me to), gathered paper with designs I love, scissors, paint brush, and sat down to attempt using Mod Podge (decoupaging agent) for the first time. 
WOW, I couldn't believe the beautiful results...I went Mod Podge crazy and made at least seven bracelets that first night. Then I think I wore them the next four days straight. I was so pleased with my handy work...let me be honest and say that generally I set off super excited about a little project and the result ends up in the trash can. I can not sew, I have not generally been good with crafty things and Pinterest makes me crazy. If you get what I'm saying then you can appreciate how excited I was that my Lilly inspired bracelets turned out so pretty.
The experience with Mod Podge was so much fun and the result was making me beyond giddy, that I think I created a my new strange addiction. It's no secret I drink more diet coke than most normal naturally my cooler needed to be lillyified. 

I think it took me a couple of hours, but it's so pretty!!!!! Pink, green and blue, flowers and I am HAPPY, not to mention it will be filled with diet coke.

I practiced on a cooler I had already. Kind of looks like the handles on backwards! 

I mentioned before that my workroom is pink, This tissue box cover is going to look so cute in it. I tried the mirror for fun to see how difficult it would be or if it would even turn out. It wasn't hard but it was time consuming, overall the result is precious. I would definitely make again for my daughters friends (gifts) or anyone who asked really.

Once again I thought...why not! I pulled out this tray I had tucked away, grabbed my papers, mod podge and scissors. This is one of my favorites. A collage of Lilly patterns. I can't wait to decide where I going to use it.

Here's what started it all. The bracelets!!!!  
You can make your own too:
find a bracelet that fits, paper you like, purchase some ModPodge and paintbrush.
1. Measure around the width of the bracelet.
2. Cut your paper in pieces you feel comfortable working with.
3. Brush Mod Podge on back of paper (not the print or pattern side) and wrap around bracelet. Continued till bracelet is covered.
4. Apply Mod Podge to entire bracelet, let dry. Repeat three more times. I would suggest finishing it with a few coats of sealer (clear poly, one that says NO yellowing on can).

Tell me what you have Mod Podged???


  1. And you say you're not crafty!! What a bunch of bunk! I love each and every thing!! You go girly!!!

    Love and Hugs,
    Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madame Spoiled

  2. LOVE your bracelets! Am not crafty at all, but will give this a try.

  3. Your so creative!!! I'm still laughing over the "throat punch" post!!! I have never used mod-podge but gracious sakes I think I need to start putting it on something!!! Hope you are feeling better and steering clear of voodoo woman!!! Ha!

  4. Oh my goodness, I love your strange addiction. I say, "Go girl!"

  5. I love that cooler & may have make my own! I modge podged my bathroom scale a couple years ago with orange polkadot paper and its still like new! I blogged about it too because I was so excited about how easy it was and how it turned something ugly into something so cute, which made it easier to face the resulting weight ( well, kinda!). ;)