Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring 2013 Round Top

Twice a year trucks and trailers come rolling into town full of all kinds of fabulous goodies. So many wonderful things fill up pasture after pasture, tent after tent and barn after barn. There is no way to see it all in one day, and even if you could the energy in the air will pull you back like a magnet. I can't decide if it's the people, or the excitement of what incredible "thing" I may find, and sometimes I think it's as simple as being outside and walking in the sun (or rain) but each spring and fall I get more excited than a child at Christmas.

For the past eight or nine days (I've lost count) I've been heading out to Round Top/Warrenton,TX and soaking up all the goodness! You will literally see it ALL during the show. 
One of the first trailers I came across this season was this one full of white dishes. Most incredible part was that nothing was over $3! Which was extremely helpful, since the first pieces I bought fell out of my car and broke! 

This is pretty much the scene throughout Round Top/Warrenton...pastures full of treasures.

Every time I see these letters I want to rearrange them. I resist but it's getting harder and harder because they are everywhere you turn. 

This was a quick pic at the Junk Gypsy tent. Those are some adorable ladies, and what a treasure to have in our area. 

Need drops for your chandy, there's a whole booth full of beautiful chandy's and crystal drops in any and every color. I have not stopped thinking about these turquoise drops since I took this picture. hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, that might be a sign.

Another quick pic from the Junk Gypsy's tent. I kind of like the federal eagle.

A HUGE high five to these guys (and girls), these globe pendant lights where so cute I was redecorating Little Einsteins room in my head just so I could buy them. I'm a sucker for a globe.

Couldn't pass up taking a picture of the original "reading room"

Silver serving dome, uhhhhh YES PLEASE!

My mom's collection of Staffordshire dogs is pretty impressive, but I don't think she has this one! What a deal $55 and 20% off. #Madeinengland

I think I hit this spot every single trip I make to Round Top, there space is always clean, organized, full of beautiful pieces and great prices on everything.

I wasn't kidding when I said you can find every thing during the antique show...even plants, or alligator rugs (promise I saw one). What a precious idea, planting succulents in little teacups, old jewelry boxes and sugar and creamers. LOVE IT!!!! I'm pretty sure I'd manage to kill even a succulent, but I'm gonna give it a try.


I kind of like this display, I like to pretend I'm photographer (me and my Canon Rebel and iPhone, hahaha). I suck at photography, which probably has everyone reading this shaking their head in agreement. Oh well, I like the old cameras and metal boxes.

Not a great pic, but I get a lot of questions of where I get my Mexican tops and dresses, well the answer is HERE. Karen and Clint's booth is located at The Arbors and they have a brand new sign this year that you can see from the road. Look for the sign - THE MEXICAN SHIRT PLACE, it's made out of metal letters that light up. It would be hard to miss mixed in with all the white tents of The Arbors.

These fun ladies are (from left to right): Me, Julie, Cortne (blogger of CocoinMagnolia) and Teal Dawn (no kidding). They were fun, fun, fun.  Cortne and I were basically were on a blate (blogger date), we have been instagram friends for a while and she has been stalking me (her words) in a sweet way for about two years. She could not have been any more adorable...and oh goodness was she soooooooooooooooooo tiny. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh jealous much...YES! 

One of my Round Top OOTD, basic jeans, navy and white polka dot top and green and white polka dot jacket with a pink scarf and my fun embroidered converse.  The whole polka dot on polka dot kind of made me dizzy. I like prints and polka dots, but I might draw the line on polka dot on top of polka dots. You can't tell in the above picture but I had the converse on with my dress too! Tennies or boots are a Round Top must.

More beauties from The Arbors...that MIRROR! 

This bed can be found at Texas Rose, what creativity and beauty. Above the bed is a rusty old springs from a mattress with lampshades of all shapes and sizes. The bedding is all solid colors of white, ivory and cream topped off with a fabric headboard. It's over the top and really stops you in your tracks. The owner of this great space was someone I could totally connect with. Cortne and I had a great talk with her, she was enjoying it so much I thought she might follow us to the car and hop in. 

This picture does not do this chandy justice and I am headed back to it as soon as the rain lightens up. It's a NEED for over my breakfast table. 

More fun ladies that came out and shopped with me. From left to right: Tammy, Me, and Patty 
Okay Tammy and Patty look great, I look "special" in that big pink king chair.

I should have put this pic by the bed, this was across from it! You can kind of see the bed in the mirror. I have a thing for shells ( I know what you are all thinking...I have a thing for everything). I should have taken a pic of my shell boxes.  

SOLD! Not to me, but some lucky lady was taking these amazing doors home.

OK, so looking at this horse in the picture it kind of looks deformed. It was made of leather and not nearly as freaky looking in person. I promise. Can you guess if I brought it home?!?!?!

Viva La Mexico. Pinkies tent has the most eclectic mix of treasures you may find.  Most is not my style, but I will admit to finding a few fun pieces at Pinkies.

I haven't had a moment to clean any of my Round Top treats yet so use your imagination. This was a gift my mom, and I am so happy to finally have a beautiful silver tea set of my own. Thanks mom.

It's no surprise to anyone reading that my number one addiction is silver serving pieces of all kinds. So when I came across these sterling poultry shears I knew they would be perfect for cutting flowers. Because where I am from the chicken comes cut up already. 

My Pinkie's purchase...candles.

More silver.

Found these fun bags at The Mexican Shirt Place. The navy and white one will be perfect for pool side. I couldn't pass on the green and black, Little Einstein's baseball team colors.

Surprise....more silver (bowls).

I was so happy when I found this horse head, and couldn't wait to show Pookie. 
Her reaction..."it looks creepy."
It's not creepy and will now be hung in any other room in our home besides Pookies. I may hang it in her bathroom, just to mess with her.

I'd love to say last picture of silver but there's one more. Thank goodness Pookie doesn't mind polishing silver.

These are probably the best deal I have come across so far. Fourteen bone handle knives for fourteen dollars. These would look great at the ranch.

I know, I know...everyone is gagging over the silver.
I have a problem and I am not willing to join a twelve step program yet. I found one of these little cups last fall and today I came across another one! Cute little scalloped edge, three little feet...perfect little candy dish. I have been using the one I found last fall for M&M's for The Judge, so in our house it's the M&M dish. Today I was INFORMED it was a wine tasting cup. Hummmmmmmmmmmmmm, NO it's a M&M dish and I do not need to taste wine...HELLO I know it taste yummy, fill my glass UP.

I  know you are all shocked, it's not a picture of silver. During the two plus weeks, twice a year (spring and fall), I spend a  lot of time out at Round Top/Warrenton and get zero complaints from my family. They totally get I love going out and "doing my thing" and I love when Little Einstein comes along (The Judge and Pookie would rather hang out with the horses). To keep everyone in smiles I usually try to bring back a bag of fresh popped Kettle Korn. WOW, as I typed that it really hit me at how easy to please they are. Love them!!!! 

Round Top/Warrenton Antique Show is going to through this coming weekend. I wouldn't recommend coming out Sunday, everyone is fast packing up and heading out. For more details, times, maps, etc... check out


  1. LOve the silver pieces. I actually have that shell one. I've never used it so I can't wait to see what you do with it. Round Top is on my bucket list for sure.

  2. I have several friend who would love to sign up for one of your Round Top shopping trips the next go round. We go to Round Top quite a bit (week-ends at B&B's) but never go during the two shopping times a year. A bit overwhelmed and never for sure what to do. So we just go and eat at Royers and tell ourselves one day we will do the big shopping thing there. So glad to have discovered your blog. Thoroughly enjoy it!

  3. Oh my goodness I want those pillows from Pinkies. I hope to find it Saturday when I go back. And since I ran out of cash on our shopping day, I ordered a one of those Mexican shirts online from Siren. But def going back to your friends tent to pick up more.
    Your nice stalker, lol.

  4. This looks so fun and holy moly so many great finds!! Love your converse shoes and as always you look fabulous!! Happy shopping friend!!

  5. Loved your haul! Love the sneak peak, too, for those of us who couldn't make it! Almost as good as being there in person ;) Great post!

  6. Love Round Top and can't wait till the fall. Thanks for keeping us posted and all the great pics.