Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Batten Lucheon Spring 2013

Well come on in, to the gallery at least... That's my friend Sharon welcoming twenty four sweet women into the gallery to gather, socialize, and lunch all in the name of fundraising.  Sharon was actually yelling at me, "Don't take my picture." Then I reminded her..."it's for a good cause."

As each guest arrived they were treated to a Pink Peony (pink crystal light. sprite zero and vodka) made by the clever Karen. They turned out to be dangerously delicious.
That's Karen and she's an amazing cook and even better bartender. I swear every time I'm with Karen I am NEVER surprised at the life story she may share with me. She has done it all, seen it all and had a great time along the way. To say she is an interesting woman is putting it lightly.

Once you had your drink and made your way past Karen and Sharon, six tables of four were set up all the way down the gallery path. The roses were from the Antique Rose Emporium, and smelled as beautiful as they looked. We did a simple container with a small thank you note attached and offered them to our guest when they departed as a little country party favor.

Another view of the tables and some of the homeowners interesting and beautiful collections.

Light horderves before our meal. 

A chilled Avocado and Cucumber soup shooter.

Sharon's (the woman in the first picture) boots, she's an amazing artist who can paint ANYTHING.  She painted those boots. Need a pair? She can paint anything on a pair of boots and does. Need her information, email me. She has a pair of boots for me but I can't decide what to have her paint...polka dots, gators, pink and green flowers, maybe blue ribbons (grand champion/remember Pookie and her horses). Any suggestions?

I love that elephant painting and those five woman are pretty special too...thanks ladies for supporting the Luke and Rachel Batten Foundation (learn more at www.lrbf.org)

 PLEASE save the emails, I obvisiously know what some readers may think about it. I live in TEXAS the sterotypes are TRUE. 

Three more generous women. Thanks again for your support.

Thank goodness I didn't have to use that stove...I made have needed a special degree. 
I know you wanted it...a closer look.
The minute I saw a gray cloud in the distant sky I'd hit those stairs and run for the cellar...it is amazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzeBALLS! 

The view from the opposite end of the gallery. How memorizing would it be to have such a space in your own backyard.
 P.S. The gallery is not attached to the main house.

More socializing and snacking. I should have wore a hat. I love hats! What a great idea for next years luncheon...
Same room as the above picture, different view. Ginger's bright orange tunic (right corner) was gorgeous!!! 

Before anyone starts sending me emails/comments about how cruel they think it is to kill animals...DON'T bother. I live in Texas if it's legal we hunt it, stuff it and hang it. For the record we don't care how far we have to travel to find it either. We are what we are...hunting loving, big hair wearing, gun packing, boot scoot'n Texans.
God Bless TEXAS.

A little peek at the backyard...this is country living at it's BEST. What you can't see are the horses and long horns behind the fence.

Another hostess and her adorable boots...I did say we live in Texas, in the country and love our boots. Our town is so small we have HONESTLY seen two horses tied up in the WalMart parking lot. SERIOUSLY! 

The homeowner has had crazy luck growing these vines. Yep I'm in garden club, have no idea what those beautiful vines are. 
View as the last guest is leaving. The day was a great success, all the ladies enjoyed the afternoon and the hostesses all survived. I did get a little busy and forgot to take pictures of the food but I think I'll be forgiven.  We all get a little nutty right before we host a fundraiser, one of my duties as hostess was dessert. I must have gone temporarily goofy, I had to make the dessert FIVE times the night before. Which I guess I should look at it as...I didn't give up. My poor friend Shannon, I wish I would have taken pictures of the gigantic mess we all made in her kitchen the night before. I was literally on my hands and feet cleaning up. Oh well, we all had a great laugh, helped the Batten Foundation and enjoyed the afternoon.


  1. Lovely day and lovey ladies and lovely home! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Did I read gators painted on boots???? Oh.my.stars! I liketadie!!! The entire luncheon looks fantastic. Gators...on....boots!!!

    Love and Hugs,
    Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madame Spoiled

  3. Looks like a wonderful event! Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a great looking event. I'd love to see more.