Monday, May 27, 2013

The Original Arm Party

After a long week of field trips and wedding decorating I hung out today reading and catching up on laundry and misc. One of the blogs I adore is  Advanced Style by Ari Seth Cohen. I love that his subjects are all older women and all have incredible personal style. It's beyond refreshing to see women look incredible and not be 20 or 30 and to get a peek at their fashion. I want to see all ages, shapes, races, styles and fashion...who doesn't. While catching up on Advanced Style, I came across this picture.

I immediately stopped in my tracks and gazed at this woman for moments. The amount of confidence spilling out of her completely mesmerized me. Nancy Cunard obviously started the arm party and did so about 85 years ago.  I did a little reading on her life and all I can say is I'll be hitting Amazon as soon as I finishing this to see what I can found on Nancy Cunard. 

I had to take a moment and share. 
Nancy Cohen
March 10, 1896 - March 17, 1965
She was a fellow Pisces, maybe another reason I am drawn to her. 

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