Thursday, May 16, 2013

The voice in my head

We all have that voice in our head...our voice. The one that reminds you to pick up the dry cleaning and what to make for dinner. My voice in my head is always full of the most useless information and random thoughts. My voice in my head is generally the lighter side of me the more relaxed version. Out of the blue my voice and thoughts are immediately running across my brain with the stupidest of things:

"I should try that grout cleaning recipe on pinterest."

“Am I suppose to tip the trashmen”

"Why does everything I plant in that urn die...I'm starting to think that's a bad sign."

"Wouldn’t it be great to have an invisible shield pop up every time the children enter the house with their muddy shoes on."

 “CRAP I have to cook dinner again tonight.”

"I wonder if they re use my pedicure flip flops when I leave?"

“where did I put my keys”

"why is a Sonic diet coke do addictive...oh wait I know that one - the ice"

"I should have paid more attention to Mr. Rogers when I was a child, he was right ON with the cardigan, everyone loves a cardigan.."

“I should drink more water, I should drink something that has water in it.”

“I wonder what’s new at Target”

“the dog smells”

“where’s my epi pen, I wonder what Martha Stewart is doing, does she need an epi pen?”

“who are you talking to…Jake from State Farm???”

“Like a good neighbor…stay over there.”

I should cut my hair, I should let it grow, why did my phone just make that noise?"

"What do they put in Don Drapper’s hair to make it look that greasy (mad men)?"

"My toes are cold, my feet are ugly, I don’t like this polish."

"I should go to the grocery store, Why are the fruits and veggie by the front door."

"Maybe I should start smoking – wait, WHAT!  NO, no, no…"

"Where am I going...CRAP I forgot to turn."

"If I had to drive in the evacuation lane, I wonder I fast I could drive."

"How many diet coke’s do we have?"

"I wonder if someone could wrap me up like a burrito with my blanket. "


  1. Clevaaaa! I wonder when Tikaa is coming to Houston to have lunch with me?

  2. I have wondered most, if not all, of these things! That's scary! :)

    Happy Friday!

    Adrienne @

  3. So funny, Tikaa - I can TOTALLY to relate to that voice...xoxo

  4. Tikaa and Cortne - let's all meet for lunch SOON! Tikaa - you should bring Tammy too.

  5. Love this post, as I do all of your posts!! Duh!! I'm really wondering the same about the trash guys... mine are so nice and sometimes pull my can back up to my garage! I did give them gift cards at Christmas... maybe that's why? Ha! If I wrote all the random crap in my head I might not have any friends left!! Hope your having a great week pretty girl!!

  6. YES! I have this voice too that makes random comments all day long!!

  7. FUNNY, I have those convo's to with myself.