Monday, July 8, 2013

Jam Packed June

It's not always easy for me to blog and I promise I'll be better but then life happens and a couple weeks go by and...  Anyway, here's what I've been up to in the last month.

At the beginning of June we took a family vaca and went on a seven day cruise to Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Cozumel. At our stop in Grand Cayman we thought it sounded like BIG fun to snorkel and swim with sting rays. Yes it sounds like fun...until you are actually in the ocean and have to get out of the boat! They were EVERYWHERE, you could barely take a step. Oh I forgot to mention that you can not wear water shoes or flippers when you get into the ocean with the sting rays. They also tell you ahead of time not to jump or flap your hands around, you don't want to scare them. The bonus information that almost kept me in the boat, was that the only predator the sting rays have...HAMMERHEAD SHARKS. It was extremely unnerving at first and slowly, we got use to it. Pookie actually jumped right in, took off her life vest off and dove under to get a better look.  I was seriously grabbing her feet trying to pull her back! 
I have several of these pictures...why you ask??? I was checking for Hammerhead SHARKS!

The heart over my face is not because I heart sting rays. It's to hide the terrified look on my face!  The man in the yellow shirt was our guide on our boat, he was trying to  explain that I should kiss the sting ray for good luck.  Holding it was my limit, I couldn't bring myself to kiss it. 

That's Pookie trying to help me with mask, I actually like to snorkel. I suck at it, but I like doing it. My mask always leaks and I always end up sucking up water.  Watching me snorkel would be like watching the video on everything you should NOT do. 

The vacation was great fun, we rafted in Jamaica and fished in Cozumel.  Fun was had by everyone. 

Two days after we arrived home Little Einstein went to baseball camp for four days and then immediately started All-Star practice.

Team picture, praying before the Championship game. All their practicing, hard work and dedication paid off.  
Little Einstein  stealing second. He was safe! 

For the Championship game, I asked a few moms to pitch in and purchase a few fun items for the boys. Then Ginger and I assembled a treat pack for each boy on the team. We bought six packs of Crush, Root beer and Cherry Limeade and mixed up the packs so that each boy would have a combo of all the drinks. I removed two bottles, and cut the divider out of the carton. Then I added white shredded paper to the area I cut and added: Oreos. sunflower seeds, big league chew, cracker jacks, party snaps, a small baseball and beef jerky (all boy things). I had to add some kind of ribbon, so I went with curly ribbon. The boys loved the treat, they were not impressed with the ribbon. Imagine that!

They WON!!!!! Undefeated to top it off!  Way to go Little Einstein, you played hard!
They got four days of practice off and we have started back and look forward to the sectional tournament starting this Saturday.

While Little Einstein was playing baseball, Pookie had the AJPHA  World Championship to prepare for. We managed to watch baseball and make it to the AJPHA World Championship without missing a moment, we did however miss sleep!.  The above pic is Pookie and Louie walking into the show arena. She loves her horses and works very hard. Looking like NOT kissing that sting ray was the right choice!  Prior to going to the AJPHA show, Pookie won 4H District Grand Champion (her third 4H District Grand Champion win)  her next stop is the 4 H State Horse Show.  Don't be confused, 4H and AJPHA and APHA are all separate shows and associations, clubs, etc...

They looked great!

They ( I say they because Pookie and Louie are a team) won
Reserve World Champion 
We had professional pictures made, these are my quick snaps back at the stalls. Pookie received a beautiful belt buckle, jacket, scholarship money, and other prizes for winning. I am so proud of her, she had to earn her way to the AJPHA World Championship and did with tons of dedication and work that she did all on her own.  She has set her goals higher for next year and we will be off to pick up another horse in a couple of weeks (waiting on result  from the vet, which is necessary to get the insurance we need on the horse). She wants world titles in several different English and Western riding events. I feel positive she will  achieve her goals.

Congrats Pookie and Louie!!!!  

Every week in June was jammed packed and what kind of month it was. I still can not believe all the excitement we had and are continuing to have.  We spend five days at the lake and back in the swing of baseball and horses. We wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. So crazy happy for Little E's baseball team!! What an accomplishment for him and his buddies!! Love your treats you made!! Pookie is beautiful and the last casual pic of her and Louie is sooo good!! So glad you had a great June and I was super happy to see a blog post from you!! Have a great week and I know Pookie and Little E will do great in accomplishing their goals... after all they do have a #rockstar mom!!


  2. What a busy month you had. The memories you all made will last a life time. Thanks for sharing.

    Karen (from Texas)