Sunday, September 8, 2013


Recently I have wanted to change things up in our home, but only a little, nothing major. I have a few collections sitting around and was kind of bothered that they were actually sitting around, so what to do, what to do...hang them on the walls I guess.

I've had this collection of pig cutting boards for a while and they were stored nice and neatly in the cabinet, until the other day. I had a few wire plate hangers around, tried attaching them to the cutting boards. They worked! Oops don't look to close, it looks like fourth little piggy is tilted, and yes that's a phone...I know it's horrible, but I am terrible about keeping up with my cell phone, we have children and I have actually had to call the fire department three times. I know everyone is saying "why doesn't she have a cordless phone" well, we do! I bet right now it is dead! So, yes the phone hanging in my kitchen is yucky, but we know where it is and it works in an emergency (which we have had).

This is in our breakfast room and a small collection of my Mexican Batea's on display (there are more in my kitchen). Any way, I had used these for parties and serving in the past but the colors and the fact that I had so many made them perfect for hanging. Wow I suck at taking pictures. 

I know hanging plates on the wall is no new idea, but dinning room is a pretty apple green with black and white gingham curtains and seat cushions. Before the walls had very little wall decor, I kept it simple. If you know me, I'm far from simple so I knew it was time to add some of my personality to this room. I've had a stack (or two or three) of vintage plates sitting away in a cabinet. I had been waiting to be inspired (motivated) to use them.

One day on instagram inspiration hit me and hit me HARD. I started following this adorable woman (@ihavethecoolestgoatever) and she had posted a picture of her dinning room and plate wall. I was HOOKED! I immediately got out my hoard of plates, E6000 glue and large paper clips and went to work. I did have to make a trip or two in search of more plates. Ignore the cabinet to the left (it's leaving) and when I am finished the ENTIRE wall (including over the door and the other side) will be covered. It is definitely making a statement, hopefully not one that screams "granny's house"

This is the start of the other side of the door.  When it's complete I'll share a photo.

I have had questions on how I hung my plates, this is it: E6000 (glue, available at Walmart, Hobby Lobby), and large paper clip, apply glue to plate and paperclip. Let dry overnight, hang!

What girl doesn't like pretty tea towels? I hated only having a few out a time and hiding the others away in a drawer. Solution...hang three towel bars and filler her up!

Here's another example of my mad photography skills. This is our library which is kind of a dark room (not a lot of natural lighting). I have collections, yes, but silver is my addiction! I have tons, all shapes and sizes and even though I use it almost daily there are many pieces just hanging out in a cabinet. I hate having "things" that I don't use or get to enjoy, so while I was motivated I grabbed the E6000 and paperclips once again. I only hung pieces that I wasn't using much and are on the smaller side. I can not wait to see this wall finished!!! The walls are a pretty yellow and the silver is much brighter and polished than it appears in this awesommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmme pic.

I haven't hung these yet, but I have attached the super technical  hanging device and plan to get my turtle shell collection hung soon!

I've always said that your home (especially my home) should reflect your personality, that visitors should be able to get a feel for the family. I think our home reflects our likes, interest and activities but like every one's home, it's a work in progress. No one's home is ever really finished.

Good luck on displaying your collections.


  1. Love the collections! I can't wait to see the turtle shells up on the wall!

  2. What a great way to hang almost anything! I love E6000. Thanks for sharing.


  3. PLATE WALL is amazing, can't wait to see it complete. I have always wanted to hang plates in my kitchen, I may now have the inspiration to do it.

    * love your instagram

  4. Love your creativity! Can't wait to see when the walls are completed. Thanks for sharing with all of us.


  5. Love the dishtowels hung that way! Might have to copy!

  6. Love the way you hung your dishtowels...might have to copy that! Pinning for later!

    1. Please do. I found three towel bars I liked and it was a snap.

  7. I agree with Paperjunk-lc, liking those dishtowels displayed like that. Great idea. I want to see the turtle shells.