Friday, September 20, 2013

Five on Friday

This was a long week and full of many different emtions for our family. All I have thought about is getting to a new day or vacation. It's finially friday and raining here which is a true blessing, considering we rarely see rain. I hope everyone's weekend is off to a great start. Now back to the Five on Friday details.

If you follow me on instagram then you've seen a couple of these, like this pic. Which as I type this I realized I may want to take them out of car since we are getting a bunch of rain. They are Lilly Pulitzer inspired car floormats with my initals and look perfectly cheery in my car. I have them in the front and back, the sweet little shop that made them on Etsy also offers only front mats if that fits your needs. Etsy (shop:ShopAddorableAccents)

I did this little DIY the other day, PomPom picks. Thanks to Ashley over at for the infor. They are adorable and I made a TON for Halloween (orange, purple, green and black) and I couldn't resist making pink ones for any old day. It's easy peazy: toothpicks, pom poms (hobby lobby) and hot glue. Simple and precious.

I am a habitual list maker, I have two extremely busy, active and involved children and a husband who is equal as busy and community involved. List are a must! I would forgot half of what I needed to do without a list. This pink small binder from Target isn't new to the party but I love the pink and gold polka dots and it's full of to do's, list,etc...

Candy Corn  Taffy is my kryptonite! Enough said.

Pretty sure if you rounded up all the chapstick in our home, cars, backpacks, purses, etc... the totals would be well into the 100's. I love fresh sugar lip products but it sucks it you loose a tube of it and I DO! Chap Stick leaves NO sting behind when I've missed placed a tube or ten. I'm really upset that the cake batter flavor is a limited edition and I only have ONE! I loVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVvve it. To be completely honest I pick my lip products on flavor and scent. For the dollar is cost, it's fantastic.

I hope everyone's weekend is of f to a great start and that Saturday and Sunday bring lots of rest, relaxing and fun.
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  1. Candy corn taffy is a weakness for me, too! What also really gets me this time of year are the mini pumpkins. Mmmmm :)

  2. Those pom pom toothpicks are on my diy list. super cute. Candy corn gets me every time too.