Sunday, September 29, 2013

Five on Friday...better late than never

 Around here it's no secret that I adore Halloween, Fall, pumpkins, really all things sweet, orange or involving a cute costume. It's my favorite month. With that I thought I'd share a few of my current October faves. Sorry it's a few days past Friday, it's Round Top Antique time and my tours are full, I've been hitting the fields and also trying to do all the mommy things.

Every year we host a Halloween gathering, our friends who live in the country come, family and friends all head out to trick or treat the neighborhood. Most of the moms stay at the house with me and help pass out candy and treats to the 300 plus adorable little trick or treaters. The dads battle the neighbor streets full of children, hay rides and tons of candy. These cute little cards are in the current running for my invites. Made by Rifle Paper and pretty stinkin cute, they come in box of 8 ($18) and are technically a folded note but the size is small and the art is fun. I can easily print the info on the inside.

We live in the land of Ice Cream...LITERALLY! Blue Bell Ice Cream is made in our tiny little town, and most would not argue that they have some delicious  Homemade Vanilla ice cream. What makes Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla ice cream even better...adding Pumpkin Butter to it! Buy a half gallon of Homemade Vanilla ice cream and let it soften,add to your kitchen aid mixer then empty the entire pumpkin butter (picture below) jar and mix. Once mixed, place back into ice cream container and freeze. Perfect pumpkin ice cream anytime!

I usually find this at William Sonoma and when I do I buy multiple jars. We love it in ice cream and several different recipes. William Sonoma's site shares some great uses for it.

Thanks Bath & Body Works, my house already smells like a gigantic pumpkin pie and now I can too. I think I totally overdose on all things pumpkin scented by Thanksgiving.

I saved my fave for last. I love good homemade pumpkin muffin or bread and will gladly make dozens for the family. Honestly the opportunity to make dozens upon dozens homemade muffins has been extremely limited lately. About a week ago I saw this mix at WalMart and thought...why not. I bought one box (it's a $ not much to lose if  it was yucky), made it immediately (three ingredients and forty minute bake time, BEYOND easy) and the family ate it in two seconds! It was really, really, really good. I was honestly shocked. A few days later the family was asking for more. Sure, why not, it takes seriously no effort...I stopped at one store, no mix, four stores later and I could have made a homemade batch. I did finally find some.  

Happy Fall.  Enjoy all things pumpkin.


  1. Your holiday posts are my favorite! I will be back in the land of Blue Bell later this week and will be bringing a jar of pumpkin butter with me! Can't wait to try that recipe! :)

  2. One of my favorite are the MEXICAN PUMPKIN CANDLES at World Market. They are a pretty rustic orange color and smell YUMMY!