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I've said it before...the men in my family are hard to buy for. I know I'm not alone, I hear my friends and family saying the same thing. October brings several birthdays in family (including The Judge), not to mention that Christmas is just around the corner.  The other problem I have...The Judge reads my blog, so I can't give away what I may or may not have got him for his birthday. I'm not sure why I worry about spoiling a surprise, all he wants is...NOTHING. How boring is that to wrap and tie a bow around???  

I'm sharing a few gift ideas I may or may not be using for up coming birthdays and Christmas stockings. Hope you get some ideas.

The Kiwi Shoe Shine Care Kit Valet. I love that The Judge attempts to keep his shoes clean and he has a hard time passing up a shoeshine. Not that I am suggesting he forgo any shoe shines but at least in a pinch this little kit would keep his tootsies shiny.
(amazon $39 here)

If it was good enough for Teddy Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy that should be enough said. Pretty sure any man using a safety razor would look like a total BAD ASS! 
Merkur Classic Safety Razors are around $45 and would make a great stocking stuffer and available on Amazon here

The Chicago Comb is an upgrade from our throw away society, and it's stainless steel construction makes it indestructible. Should last forevvvvvvva if no one loses it. Don't let the stainless steel fool you, your man's scalp will love you for it. It's a little pricey considering it's a comb, but it's a gift, right????
Chicago Combs can be found on Amazon also for around $39

Want your man to look like Dan Draper but with less grease, throw a tube of Groom & Clean in his stocking. It's cheap and I love Mad Men.

Pocket Ref by Thomas J. Glover 4th Edition. Everything a man may need to know, from lumber uses, tying knots, how to tie a tie, even a few math reminder. THIS is a great stocking stuff and under ten dollars. 

We are a family of hunters. None of the men in our family can ever have to many knives...they lose them. I guess it's like my inability to keep a tube of chap stick. Opinel knives are made from wood from French forestry holdings, stainless steel with chrome added blades making them corrosion resistant and blah, blah, blah. They're cool, made in France and inexpensive.
Opinel No. 6 makes for a great pocket knife, and thank you for the for the $12 price tag, no one's upset when they lose one and  I know where to get more here.

Fox River original Rockford Red Heel Cotton Monkey sock. Little Einstein loves sock monkeys and has a pretty strong collection. These socks are precious and perfect for my little collector to wear in the colder months. Fun and quirky stocking stuffer and easy to find on Amazon.

This really is a necessity, everyone has to check there tire pressure, at least once in a while. This gauge is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more traditional and classic than those pen looking things (that by the way seem to get lost like my chap stick and the boys pocket knives). Great little stocking stuffer or you could surprise the hubs with one and leave in his is glove box (doesn't everyone keep it there), it's cheaper than two lattes from Starbucks at $9 or less.

Every man in my house and family will be getting one of these and yes it may be engraved.  The Zippo hand warmer, is great for the hunter, sports fan, or horse loading dad (wink, wink). I've got all those to shop for, plus I think I definitely need one for myself. It's generally HOT here, so as soon as it dips below 50, I'm freezing. Seriously I am the mom that carries a portable heater to baseball games and horse shows. Back to the Zippo hand warmer, it's under $20 and yes they do engrave them on the Zippo site here. Nice and classic looking keeps the recipient hands warm and toasty and doesn't break the bank. Fun gift or stocking addition.

Oddly, I got really excited over this product from Black Rock Powder Co. Let's be real, men love to build fires! I don't get it, but can completely appreciate it, I hate to be freezing cold. The Dynamite Fire Starters made me all giddy because for $30 I have a great go to guy gift for all the up coming parties and gathering we have. I generally take a candle or monogrammed tea towel for the hostesses, this is perfect for a male host! The crate they come in is adorable and the fire sticks look like dynamite (men love fire). It's not dynamite, but does look like it (for effect) they are made of paraffin and sawdust. Put one in the bottom of your wood pile and light! 

So the whole list is looking kind of retro, so why stop now. The men in our family love there football and if they can't watch it, they need to be able to at least hear it. The Crosley company makes fantastic retro radios that are digital and iphone, mp3 friendly (adaptable). They run off batteries and have an ac cord to. I adore this, and might not mind listening to a football game. You can find the Crosley radio here plus you can find all of there styles on Amazon here. This Crosley Songbird radio is under $50 and come is several colors.

It's no secret Little Einstein lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve baseball. What baseball fanatic wouldn't think this Leather Head baseball is amazeballs? The Leather Head company calls this the Lemon Ball, it's made of genuine horween chromexel leather and can be used for neighborhood baseball, catch, etc... Let's hope no windows are broken or the dog doesn't carry it away, at $38 it's a ball you don't want to misplace or lose it.

Last on the list for men, the ultimate in footballs. The Judge loves all sports but football his is fave. Pretty sure I'd get a black eye trying to play catch but I'd be glad to try with this ball. The Handsome Dan football is made of rich supple leather and if it isn't on the top of every football fans Christmas list, it should be. Look at it! Can't you see the family playing a little catch, after Thanksgiving. May have to wait till next years Thanksgiving, with a $130 price tag it's probably more of a Christmas gift.

Men are hard to buy for and I always get the same "nothing" when I ask what The Judge wants for his birthday or Christmas. Thank goodness I'm generally a planner so, I start my list and hunting early. Hope this helps some of you out.
What was your fave from the list?

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  1. Shoe shine kit, monkey socks, and tire gauge! I agree men are difficult to buy for. Thanks for the great ideas. Love your blog......... Rho