Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Peace Be With You

Not sure what to say, but apparently Lee Warren needed his/her moment to get a lot of energy and passion for how he/she feels and I can totally appreciate and respect that. I never aspect people to agree with what I say or write and when anyone puts their opinions, feeling and views on an open forum then he/she (me) have to be ready for others to either agree or disagree. I get that, I have no problem with it. The question I am sure I will get is why would you post what Lee Warren has to response...why not, it's not a reflection on me or how I feel. This person doesn't know me or my family, Lee is responding to his/her strong emotions and feeling! All I can offer to Lee is, thanks for reading and I have to applaud your passion and conviction, peace be with you.

*this was the comment I received this morning from Lee Warren


First, let me say that you're a hateful, ungodly idiot. You and you 100 readers on your free Blogger account may not know Jesus, but He knows you. He says that if anyone causes a child to stumble, they're going to suffer in hell.

Your post was awful, hateful, and sinful, and I hope that you suffer for it as the child and his family have.

I know you'll delete this post since people like you never let anyone else have a say when you post sinful comments like you did and make accusations to CPS like you did, but at least I know that you'll read it since you're vain enough to read all four of the comments you receive every day.

Your kids, if they're lucky, will grow up, see through you, and distance themselves from their upbringing.

But, from their pictures, I suspect they won't be smart enough to do so.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, you see.

Jesus hates your actions. And if you persist in your ungodly behavior, I fear He has a surprise for you.

You owe that family an apology. And even if they forgive you, I still hope that someday you suffer for what you've done.

Lee Warren


  1. Tikaa,

    I'm so happy that you are such a strong and positive woman! The fact that you posted this vile comment, AND are able to let it just 'roll off of you' are testaments to that. BRAVO! And, honestly - I just feel pity for this person. It must be miserable to live with that kind of hatred and anger swirling around. It is very difficult to comprehend that level of bitterness! HAPPY happy day, and YES - peace to ALL :)

  2. Tikaa,
    This is not funny. There is a serious problem with this person. Please partner with your husband and show all the posts and responses to the authorities. There are threats here and this is not something to ignore. Please be safe...we love you.

  3. This person is ridiculous, and threatening. I agree with the previous poster that you should show all of this information to the authorities. Just do it. This is mania of the highest degree and should not be tolerated. Beyond that, I feel sorry for anyone with this level of intolerance and religious delusion. Ugly and sick.

    Peace Be With YOU, have done nothing wrong. Keep on being you!

  4. Previous posts about a child and his family could be reported as well. I respect the wisdom of the woman who said all of the posts should be taken down. The damaging original posts are gone and it would be great to see these and any that speak of the unfortunate situation gone. There has been much hurt for many.

  5. This is YOUR BLOG. If a person doesn't like what you are posting they shouldn't read it. and if they comment...... well that's is there open invitation for response I would not remove a single thing. By the way I found you on IG and I love your style! Keep doing what you are doing. ;)