Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Halloween Past and Present

Look at Halloween pass and present.
This year I decided on a bringing the inside outside kinda look, so I started with fabric to create a curtain/drape look around the front door. I knew exactly what type of fabric and look I wanted and was SO excited when I walked into Hobby Lobby and there it was (I thought I heard voices, "it's a halloween miracle" I was so happy). Bonus, they had enough fabric, woo hoo!!!! For anyone interest the height for the opening was a tiny bit over eight foot so I went with 4 yards of fabric on each side, I know that may sound like a lot but I wanted it to drape when I pulled it back and puddle at the ground. The fabric was about $55 but I used my 40% off coupon (which I found out you can if they only make one cut) and it was less than $40 for all of it (under $20 per side).
The giant spiders I had and I'm not gonna lie, I nailed them to the door! My fig ivy may have gotten carried away and grew on the surrounding molding and sidelights of door so it's all getting repainted before Christmas, so why not nail in a few spiders. P.S. Do you see the spider on the roof?
Angled view...sooooooo different, right?
Night view
I need something in front of the door, I'm not loving the blah of it. Suggestions?
My children are not little and I didn't do skulls and skeletons till about two years ago when Little Einstein started asking for spooky halloween decorations. I comprised and did my version of spooky. This year I walked into Targets Halloween section (which it looked like a small battle had taken place) and there hanging all by herself was one lonely life size skeleton...I knew immediately she must come home with me...Mary Margaret was born! I got home grabbed all my Halloween ribbons and made her a huge skull bow, then ran to my jewelry closet and grabbed a couple of necklaces I wasn't wearing and two different spray paints and BAM Mary Margaret was Foofee'ed up. I would like to find her a ring and monogrammed handbag, just sayin.
This skeleton I already had and is about 3 feet tall, he  first started off on my front door (before I decided on the spiders) now sits next to Mary Margaret. Someone on instagram comment that my Halloween decorations were "Preppy Scary." I like that, plus you can't really go wrong with stripes, gingham and polka dots for any Holiday.

Another spot in the yard, heck why stop with Mary Margaret and the front door. 
Last year's door, this is a view from the inside looking out...I forgot to take pictures. A little tip, do not hang tissue paper pom poms and paper fans till right before your event if outside. It is extremely humid here and who knows when it may rain, but tissue and paper do not hold up in the humidity (or rain). I hung all these the Halloween morning. 

I believe this picture is two years ago when Little Einstein asked for spooky for the first time (plus you can see it was when my blog was Green Acres). He's still asking for the spider webs, but honestly that stuff is a huge pain in the hinny! 
This was last years mantle in our great room, pumpkins, skulls, silver trays, ribbons and greenery. I'm not in love with it but it worked last year.
This years mantle is posted on instagram, user name: Tikaac

 A Few Halloween Treats
I took these to my son's class after seeing them on Pinterest. It was almost a huge EPIC Pinterest fail! As you can see the vampire teeth I purchased do not exactly fit into the  center of the donut, I may have had to do a little smashing. I found the candy eyes at Hobby Lobby and stuck them on with icing. Overall they were a hit. Who doesn't love a hot fresh donut...even with vampire teeth.

Fall Bake sale treats I made and then fluffed up with cute boxes and bows, something anyone can do.

This picture is a collage from Halloween night last year. We get over three hundred little trick or treater knocking on our door every year and it takes a LOT of candy. When you get that many trick or treaters it also takes a small army of Mommies to get the job done. For the past 18 years (even before we had children) I have hosted Halloween at our house and invited over a FEW close friends and family. Traditionally the Dad's all take the children trick or treating (by that I mean they ride in a golf cart or two) and the Mom's all stay at our house and help pass out candy. I have food for everyone to eat as they wish and the whole evening is relaxed, fun and full of family and friends, not to mention tons of adorable costumes. For the record and to avoid hurt feelings, I tried once or twice hosting huge halloween trick or treating parties and invited lots and lots of people and it was EXHAUSTING! Trying to entertain all my guest and manage literally hundreds of trick or treaters was not much fun and I felt like all I did was run from the front door to the kitchen to the door, etc... For us, it works much better when we keep it to a small, small group. It makes it much easier to focus on the children, trick or treaters and also have a fun night ourselves. 

Every year I make caramel/chocolate covered apples(bottom left corner of pic), which had become a favorite. I love the results but dang unwrapping all those caramels is boringgggggggggggggggg.

Another favorite at our house is marshmallows with chocolate on top (and usually coated with sprinkles). Last year I tried a new spin and after making the chocolate topped marshmallows I made hole in the center of a cupcake wrapper then insert a lollipop (or cake-pop) stick through the cupcake wrapper hole and into the marshmallow. Marshmallow on a stick - Marshmallow-pop. These seriously take 10 minutes to make. Super duper easy peaszy.
Side note: I use the big Campfire marshmallows, they are about the size of three or four regular marshmallows and I can usually find them at Walmart.

This year we are planning something very exciting (we've never done before) for our trick or treaters (you'll have to follow me on instagram to find out what). The treat we have planned will not only be fun for them but will also benefit Juvenile Diabetes and Childhood Cancer. Hopefully it will be a huge hit and raise lots of money for both causes.

Hope everyone has a safe, fun and wonderful Halloween!


  1. I love YOUR love for Halloween :o) You go all out...and think of every single detail - no matter how big or small! Everything looks incredible this year (and years past) - and I KNOW all of the trick-or-treaters will have the best time! Thanks for sharing all of your creativity!

  2. Amazing the difference the drapes make! Very cute!

  3. Thank you for purchasing from the PolkaDotted Sunflower. We have a wide arrange of designs available for our eggs and more Easter items in our shop. I love the items you have posted from other Etsy shops & will definitely be checking them out.