Friday, January 16, 2015

Easter Etsy Addiction

 I have an obsession with Etsy. I scroll through my Etsy feed like it's Instagram. The closer to any holiday or birthday it gets and I'm on Etsy FIRE!!!! What's not to love, the creativity, the ease, the's fabulous and fun. Since Easter is just around the corner and I am some what of a planner, I have been stalking Etsy like a an extreme couponer stalks the sales ads.

Most of what I have been "favoring" lately (and possibly purchasing) have been spring and Easter related.

I love pink (big surprise), but something about Spring approaching makes me super giddy over pink. When I stumbled across this precious little snack tote, I may have ordered for me one for a gift. I am guessing it's intended use was for toting wine bottles around, but I think this way is sooooooooooooooooooooooo much cuter and has no age limits.
To find it this snack tote, go the Etsy shop:
it's $17.50 and comes in eight colors and she has a ton of super adorable embroidery choices

I have a couple birthdays gifts I needed to start thinking about and this looked like a fun place to start, Plus at $12.00, including monogramming, I had to order...two (both gifts).
This simple medium monogrammed straw tote can be found at the Esty shop:
How cute would it be filled with Easter grass and stuffed full of goodies???

I've seem lots of cute monogrammed jewelry dishes on Etsy (you may see another one in this post...just sayin), but these sang to my preppy loving heart.  I haven't ordered one...YET but oh how I want one. To find these floral monogrammed jewelry dish for $18.00, go to the Etsy shop:

Monogrammed jumbo pearl earrings are not new but they would be cute stuffed into a Easter Egg.
For a whopping $7.99 they are a great basket filler (not to mention who doesn't like a monogram or a pearl). Yes, I did place an order.  Bonus: the monogrammed pearl ring they have is must have...seriously...check it out.
Etsy shop:

Being that my main focus is Easter, I think I gasped when I found these precious burlap Easter treat bags for $6.00. Plus they are also's a win win, Easter fun + personalized = I had to order.
Etsy shop: Littlewhiteboutique 

I posted a picture of these jumbo personalized Easter Eggs on my Instagram. When I specifically went on Etsy and searched for personalized Easter Eggs, because either I was going to find some or make some. These are a steal of a deal at $7.75 including personalization. You can pick your egg color and vinyl color choice, plus she has other fonts and options available. I did order for my children and my two little nieces ( we all spend Easter together and there will be no confusion on who's eggs are who's)
Etsy shop:

When I went on the Personalized Easter Egg search I found these as well and  LOOK how stinkin cute! Again you can choose your egg color, and vinyl color as well as font and personalization likes and all for $8.00
Etsy shop:

Not that I get a Easter Basket but if I did, I'd like a little pink with gold polka dotted basket.  This is the kind of Etsy find that makes me want to learn how to sew, until I see it's $28.00 and I snap back to reality. I can not sew and the emergency room visit would be more than $28.00.
Etsy shop:

These little bunnies are the true start to my  Easter frenzy! I stumbled across them, again while searching for personalized Easter goodies. Lets seriously talk about how flipping cute these little personalized bunnies will be in any Easter basket. Did I mention they are $4.00, felt, handmade, embroidered with your personalization request and zero calories!
Etsy shop:

Totally going to Toot, Toot, my own horn here because at this point our Easter baskets are going to be to stinkin cute to dive into. Thank you Etsy and all the incredible ladies (maybe men to, I don't know) for all the great Easter finds. While on my Easter searching mission these little bunny ear bags popped up and it was love at first click. they have already arrived and I am not disappointed at all. There are also a whopping $4.00, reusable, lots of fabric choices and once again zero calories, 
Etsy shop:

This little petite jewelry dish would be a delightful addition to any girls Easter basket. It comes in white and any color you can think of for the monogram, all for $9.50. 
Etsy Shop:

Pretty sure I could stuff one of these in a larger Easter egg. If your house is like ours everyone is always looking for "their" phone charger, cord, etc... this would definitely help that problem.
The vinyl monogram is $2.00 and you add it to your own pluggy thingy or how cute would that look stuck on a small Easter egg! Oh snap, I am going to run and order before I post this.
Etsy Shop:

The two above picture are from the same Etsy shop and I have a high schooler and a tween, technological gadget-y thingys are always a win win. and I know I could get a charger cord and ear buds in a Easter Egg, RIGHT??? They are $1.00 and I can see adding that size to a cute tube of lip gloss for my Pookies basket. Need to order immediately.
Etsy Shop (for both pictures):
LG by Design

 I'll make a little basket for my mom (who is reading this, so SURPRISE) and this little set would be a fun little addition. This Etsy shop has a ton of options, designs, colors, etc,,,
The set is $18.00
Etsy shop:

I started ordering from this Etsy shop a couple of years ago and I have ordered a ton of goodies from her and NEVER been disappointed. Last year I added these to my children and my nieces baskets ( I did a camo for my son), they have lids and I will FOR SURE be doing them again this year. The designs and color options are endless and the quality is super duper. Twelve cups are $11.00
Etsy shop:

I'm working a list of ideas for Easter basket goodies for the tween boy and high school girl. I'll get that posted soon.

Not an exciting post but who doesn't like a little help with these things. I do. 
Have any great Easter basket ideas, please share.

* this post is NOT sponsored. Any items I mentioned purchasing have been done so at my expense. All of the above photos are from the individual shops.


  1. So happy you enjoyed the Easter Bunny Eared Bags your ordered from my Etsy shop ! Your Easter baskets will be awesome! Thanks!

  2. Thanks for you order and for featuring me in your Blog! I am new to Etsy and have just opened my shop and hope to add a lot of new embroidery items as my shop grows. Babs EmbroideryByBabs

  3. I love your eye, you have selected adorable items! I think I need a metallic polka dot Easter basket and after Easter can be used as a catchall in my office.
    Thank you for including my ring dishes in your selection.
    Aren't You Cute