Tuesday, April 28, 2015

DIY Leopard Spots

Before - our guest bath, located in what we refer to as our back hall (or the armpit of our house, everyone drops their stuff in this area). We have an old house, as you can probably guess from the tile. Any whoooooo, it was a basic chocolate brown and not exactly on the exciting or memorable side. 
Then I was inspired by Emily McCarthy playroom (was a one time her office, I believe) and started to transform the blah guest bath to something a little more fun. The process is not hard but will test your patience. So, best advice...don't be in a hurry, slow and steady wins the race! 
I mentioned it was old and old and well...old! Several times I thought to myself - oh crap what have I done, this is going to be terrible! Maybe you all think it is terrible, my husband walked in and asked why I was painting ladies faces with black hair all over the walls. I almost cried! Then I remembered who I was dealing with, my sweet hubs who thinks a huge tv and a recliner is perfect decorating. I pulled myself together and nicely pointed out, that if he squinted the ladies might look like leopard spots. Who knows he may still think I painted hundreds of gold ladies with black hair all over the guest bath, I can with live it. 
The walls are done and as of yesterday I started (currently in between coats) painting the vanity a high gloss kelly green. I'm still looking for a mirror to replace, the old and ugly. I have someone coming out to measure for a bamboo shade. There are other minor details but it's coming along. I want to add some orange and get a few pretty towels monogrammed and of course a sweet little rug. It will get there and when it does I think it will definitely be memorable to any visiting guest to our home. 

Paint used: Martha Stewart gold metallic paint (found at Micheal's)
Basic black paint
I used a sponge to make the gold shape first, it took two coats. Let that dry and went back with a small brush and painted the black (only took one coat). 
Done! I think I spent all of $19. 


  1. The leopard spots turned out looking pretty cute! That's hilarious that he thought they were gold ladies... I suppose there is no accounting for perspective. Great job!

    -Lauren Christopher

  2. That turned out so stinkin cute ( and chic) !
    -Linda, ny