Thursday, April 30, 2015

Gigantic Piñatas!!!

For the past six years South Texas Tack has help a Ladies Night Event. This year I helped out and fluffed up displays and decorated for the event. Nancy (owner) wanted a WOW factor and I remembered seeing these gigantic cowboy boots piñata at our local HEB, so we grabbed them (as well as five more piñatas, shaped like stars). I called up a local florist and asked if she could cut into the to top of one of the boots and cut into the foot part of the other part. She's a doll and was totally up for it.
The end result was every bit of a WOW factor. Several ladie's throughout the night asked if they could take it home. Even in my family wagon I don't think they would have fit, three feet tall without the flowers! Thanks again to the adorable florist for not thinking I was nuts and willing to accommodate my wishes. Thank you!
The evening was bright and colorful, Mexican food was served, margaritas bars were set up, and the decorations were all fun and festive. 
More piñatas and why not...cinco de mayo is only a few days away.
Yes it was a Ladie's Event and there were face painters (they would also put on fake eyelashes if you wanted). They were the so stinkin cute - all three wore bouncy blond wigs, a headband, and matching dresses and little flats. Precious!!!! They all talked like Disney characters and were amazing with a paint brush, glitter and rhinestones. 
There was a band, the biggest sprinkle cookies you have ever seen, and eleven different giveaways (four of which were fabulous boots), and everyone was given a free t-shirt to celebrate the event. It was  a busy few days and a night full of hundreds of ladies. We had the best time! Have a great Friday.

Love and limes,

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