Friday, May 15, 2015

An Evening in San Antonio

I'm a Texas girl, through and through. Born and raised in Houston and currently live in a small Texas town about an hour away from the city that holds my heart (Houston). I grew up in the hustle and bustle of the city, we had cats and once a goose that lived in our backyards for a couple years, I didn't sit on a horse till I got married. Never thought I own horses nor four dogs...yes I said FOUR. Pretty sure I'm going to open the door to a film crew tapping an episode of animal hoarders one day. Not sure why I just mentioned all that but I did.  
I love my state, and the cities within it and the history that fills it. We are a state rich in history and full of different cultures, experiences and opportunity. 
My second favorite Texas city is of no surprise - San Antonio. Talk about history and culture, it's overflowing with both.
When we were invited to attend an event to celebrate both Texas history and a culture that has helped shaped our state and it was in San Antonio, any guess what the answer was??? 

The event was the opening of the Los Tejanos exhibit at UTSA cultural history museum.  Friends of ours had generously donated information and artifacts to the exhibit. Specifically to the exhibit dedicated to the oldest working ranch house in Texas History. Our friend is a woman who is committed to Texas history and sharing her knowledge in the history of the land and dwellings that have been in her family for more than two hundred years. It's impressive to say the least and to listen to her is more than interesting. When we were invited weeks ago to this event I knew immediately I wasn't missing it. Her excitement is contagious and who doesn't love that. 

Tonight before the official ribbon cutting, there were speeches, applauds, words of wisdom and many thanks past out and then before the first cut...a toast. 
Not any kind of toast, but a Texas toast of Tequila and in the cutes little clay Mexican pottery shot glasses, that were also party favors  for all the attendees.
That's the cutest Tequila toast I've ever done!

Our friends and honored guest, who graciously donated to the "Los Tejanos" exhibit.
Part of the exhibit prior to opening. Once opened there was a flood of people everywhere.
This is a replica of the oldest working ranch house in the state of Texas. I've been in the actual home and it's amazing to say the least, plus considering it was build in the 1750's (I believe) it looks phenomenal. 

Grandmother and granddaughter sharing a moment of Texas and family history.

And then there we were. 
The event was full of rich Texas culture and an abundance of Texas history. It's not everyday you get to be a part of a special moment in the history of your state. I can say it was a special night and we will always feel honored to have been included.
Next week I'll at the Govenors Mansion, I'll take the pictures I can and definitely share after. I love my state.

After the event was over and we were headed to dinner. I had to grab a quick pic of this Prada, it's like the full size version had a baby. I'm a bag lady so it was only natural for me get pic and leave a little drool behind. 
We stayed at the Hotel Valencia on the Riverwalk, which is a boutique style hotel, modern in a old, fabulous building and just lovely.

Side note: way to go Houston Rockets, fingers crossed!!! 

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