Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Cinco De Mayo at Home

Welcome to our breakfast room, family dining area, the place where we eat! It's right off the kitchen and seperate from our formal dinning room (it's an old house). Any whooooo, it's Cinco De Mayo so why not celebrate, not to mention I have a least fourteen mini piñatas and a hoard of tissue paper flowers - we have to!!! I grabbed the goodies I had on had and this is the result.
Currently for a table I'm using a huge butcher block I found during one of my Round Top trips. I threw a piece of glass on it and chairs I had. Done and I love it. The checkered dishes are MacKenzie-Childs and the pattern is Courtly Check (they have a website and you can find them at Neiman Marcus). It's taken a while for my collection to grow, but that's how a collection works, right?? The monogram linen napkins were found on Etsy (who doesn't love Etsy), and I can not remember where I stumbled on the bamboo flatware. 

I recently went to Fiesta (not the theme park) in San Antonio with a friend and another woman who I now call friend but meet her through Instagram. I've meet some neat women through Instagram. Amy invited myself and Pollyanna to join her for a private party to watch the Fiesta activities and parade. I mention this because the event was decorated with all kinds of wonderful piñatas, paper flowers, Mexican floral headbands, and on and on. At the end of the night they were going to throw out the piñatas...I asked for one and fourteen later I have an army of mini piñatas that lately have been working their tissue paper legs off! Talk about an awesome party favor, I love'em. Thanks again to Amy for the invite and fabulous night. I'll drive to San Antonio any TIME! It's a great city and she was a blast.

The Mexico cookbook was a birthday gift from a friend (thanks, Shannon).
Closer look of the details. Tonight's dinner is looking like taco salad without the shell (since we are low carb dieting). Throw cheese on it and I'm happy.

This side board has been around FOREVER, it's been pushed around this house and had the knobs changed to match moods and rooms. I know some are thinking I should paint it, I loved painted pieces but for some reason can't bring myself to paint this one. The bright pink stool was another Round Top find (it was that color) and we use it all over the kitchen. The painting was done by the sweetest neighbor (who has since past away), and I adore it. It reminds me of her and her generousity, kindness and her amazing talent. One of the few things in my home that hasn't moved since I hung it.
Little nook of a spot in my kitchen, Yep there's a huge mirror hanging in my tiny kitchen. And this little spot is always fun to fluff up. The candle, the candle, oh the candle...it's gigantic and smells like spring and clean fresh air all in one. I'd share the information but all I can tell you is that they are handmade for South Texas Tack and you can find them there. 

Birds eye view...why would I say that, I'm not a bird fan...they scare the crap out of me! Yes floor is old and out dated and I'd love to rip it out but my child loves to ride and compete with her horses, the other plays baseball nonstop and college is only a year away, my prior is not remodeling but creating memories as a family.

My uniform, especially on days I'm home and tooling around. Don't get me wrong I wear them out! Bright colors make me happy, the embroidery details are gorgeous. I usually find them in San Antonio and during Round Top Antique shows in the spring and fall (the run about $150 and up, give or take). 

My spot at the table. Do you all have certain seats and spots everyone gravitates to? We do, me (here), Pookie to my right, Little Enstein to my left and the hubs directly across from me. It works for us.   
Enjoy your Tuesday, celebrating Cinco De Mayo or whatever it is you'll be doing this 5th of May. 

Love and Limes,


  1. My iPad was being difficult. It wouldn't show me the updated posts. Hopefully I've corrected the issue. Loved reading all your new posts.

  2. FABULOUSLY festive :) So many beautiful and whimsical details! The MacKenzie-Childs coordinates perfectly with everything and really makes the theme POP :) LOVE your house...and how you fill it with special pieces and make everything fun for your family!

  3. This is adorable! Never too much MC!