Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Daily Life

Yesterday I planned to stay home and get some things done...that didn't happen.
I'm going to the Governors Mansion Friday and knew I need to change my nail color (it was white). Off to the nail salon I went, but not before driving my son's class to quick trip. 

I tried a new nail salon out (there are a total of four in our town). I was using the same manicurist for over three years...I've moved on. The search continues, but I'm happy with the color.

I posted a picture of our Graze box yesterday .  We tried the Italian herb focaccia from our graze box, it was DELIGHTFUL. To check out graze, go to and use CODE:    TIKAAC7XB
It's healthy,delicious, light and a perfect snack for on the go, home or a lunch box treats, plus there are tons of choices.
During all my running around Tuesday (in the rain), I stopped in a local shop (CK Designs). I need some vinyl monograms for some treats (will make an appearance soon). Any guesses which color vinyl I picked??

Because it stopped raining for like a minute I ran to clean my car, plus I was driving for a field trip the next day. The car parked next to me was questionable, so much so I texted Pollyannapics to let her know what was up. Like SILENTS OF THE LAMBS questionable. Seriously! 
Oh dear!!!! I forgot Sara was at the Beauty Parlor (or so we call it). She loves going but loves being picked up. She was not in a mood to smile for the camera. Take my word, she's adorable...model potential. 
If you didn't know I have a GIVEAWAY going on with May Books, head over to Instagram (Tikaac) and enter. Posted all the details yesterday, giveaway open till Friday.
When your clean you can sleep on the couch, but only when your clean.
Weight loss challenge is still on and in full swing. I'm down fifteen pounds and GOD BLESS peanut butter. Yummmmmmmm
Ended the day with getting a few notepads made and treats ready for a gift. Plus packing up the car for tomorrow's field trip, you know: diet coke, water, Gatorade and treats (thanks Pollyannapics for pitching in). 
Sara had such a big day, rain and storms stress her out and the beauty parlor all in one day. She barely got to Little Einsteins room, hopped on his gigantic pillow pet and was OUT! 
Wednesday (today),I volunteered to drive for a classroom field trip to the Houston Muesum of Natural Science and a Houston Astros game. We've been to HMMS a hundred times and even rented out the Muesum for Little Einstein's fifth birthday, obviously we love it. Today was no different, it was great.
It was a school field trip so the seats were not great but the game was. The ASTROS won!!!!! 
It's been a full two days.

Happy hump day.
Coming next - make up deets

Love and Limes,


  1. Go Astros! How sweet is that pic of your son watching the game?
    -Linda, ny

  2. Feathered Nest BoutiqueMay 21, 2015 at 3:21 AM

    Love that you share REAL life and not just glamour shots (are you old enough to know what those were?)

    Nail color, dogs, notepads, and everything else is perfection.

    Now I need to clean my car!

    Have fun Friday! Can't wait to read all about it!

  3. OMG!! Love your blog and IG! I have just recently found you! I am a Texas girl myself!