Friday, May 22, 2015

Gifts, Governor's Mansion and Party Favors

I was recently invited to tour the Governors Mansion to give my input for this years Christmas decorations...I WISH!!!! I kid, but I was honestly invited to the Mansion. I live in Texas, so this means I am heading to Austin.
Today, I'll be hitting the road with a few other fine Texas ladies. 
The woman who invited me, is a follower on Instagram and works for the Great State of Texas. 
Any whoooooo, I wasn't going empty handed! I made a few monkey notepads for her and bought another one off Etsy. Monogrammed a candle, a pink insulated cup and found a cute tote bag to put it all in. Seems like a fun treat to me.
I wrapped up everything to look fun and fluffy. I'm on a clear paper kick. I think it's the shredded paper inside the clear that gets me. It's cute, I can't help it. 
Closer look of the notepads all wrapped up.
I posted this pic on Instagram Thursday night. I was working on a few cups for the ladies who were going with me. I love a party favor, doesn't matter the size of the party. 
The finished treat! Monograms, pink, green, stripes, bow and pom poms = cuteness overload. Finger crossed the ladies will agree.

That's just the beginning of our Friday. I'll post more from the day as soon as I can. 

Happy Friday.
Love and Limes,


  1. You need a silhouette! I feel like you'd way more than pay for it with vinyl monograms. I LOVE mine. You can buy (and I've heard print) Lilly vinyl. Anyway...I'd also love to know how you MADE notepads! Too cute.

  2. Super cute presents! Love the notepad - so chic!
    -Linda, ny

  3. I need that notepad! Pink & green is my favorite... Super cute party favors.