Friday, May 8, 2015

Guest Bath Update

I posted a few weeks back the leopard spots I added to the guest bath walls. Since then I painted the vanity a beautiful Kelly green (Valspar Luscious Green) and spray painted the existing knobs gold.

I love Kelly green at least as much as I do pink if not more, throw gold in there and I'm over the moon. It only seemed like the natural color to paint the vanity.

Yes I need to do some touch up painting. I can not express how bad it sucked painting that it REALLY sucked! I think I'd rather count pennys or sort socks.
It had an oil based paint on it, so I had to use an oil base paint, ugh that's just a pain in the hinny. I got threw it, now to touch up. The knobs had been there forever, and before I bought new I figured I'd try a little gold spray paint. I think it worked and I'm rolling with'em. 
Next up - bamboo shades, the window has been professionally measured, just need to finalize order. What am I waiting on! 
The hardest thing has been finding a new mirror to hang over the vanity. There is absolutely no using the old one. The space I have to work with is twenty six inches wide. Not much! 
There also leave the issue of what to hang in the walls or do I even bother? One thought is to hang illustrations found in Etsy, specifically Chanel bottles.

The larger wall, I attempted this less than fabulous gathering. I don't love it, hell I barely like other words it's coming down. Yes I could mat the art or get slightly more interesting frames but I dislike it so much I don't see the point. So back to square one.
Then there is a need for a rug, nothing geometric, maybe something oriental, not Seagrass, in other words - no clue! I'll know it when I see it kind of thing.
I am absolutely sure I want towels monogrammed with orange thread and small accents of orange. 
Do you ever feel like you know more of what you don't want in a space than what you do want? I'm having a little of that right now. It will get there and when it does, I feel sure I'll love it.

Have a great Thursday.
Love and Limes,

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  1. You might paint the frames green to match the cabinets? Love the wallpaper!