Friday, May 8, 2015

Horse Trailer/Living Quarters Tour

It's no surprise I'm at a horse show this weekend, the odds are horse show or baseball tournament and that's just fine with us. So since I'm with Pookie and we are horse showing-it (as I say) I thought I'd share the view from our living quarters. Give you all a glance of how we roll, as unglamorous as it is, but let's be honest who doesn't like to see how others live...even if it is in a horse trailer. Right?!?!?!

When you open the door this is the view immediately in front of you. Like those fancy blinds, I almost ripped them off trying to fix that damn kink in them! Really!!!!! I want to take a picture and blog the living quarters interior and the blinds go all wonky. Oh well, €%#* happens! We bought the trailer used a little over a year ago and ultimately we'd (Pookie and I) like to paint the interior white but it's hard to do when your residing in it more than your not. The window treatment is actual ribbons Pookie has won (super original, right). Then she wanted a string of lights and she found the battery operated ones at Target and now they add a certain teenage ambience she loves (whatever it's her trailer, I just drive the truck).

There is a certain level of expectation I have for the amount of camping I can do, and horse shows in a trailer IS camping to me. It's nice camping...but for the record I quit Girl Scouts when they told me I was going to have to go back to camp! So in order to make it fun and fluffy I did get a monogram ice bucket, trays, cups, know the necessities. We have a tv and Apple TV to watch but I always bring my iPad (that's Kristen Gehn, YouTube beauty guru on the iPad in the pic). 

I said it was glamorous! The bed is a king size and honestly it is heavenly! The ever so fancy comforter is from the shabby chic line from Target (sorry you can't see in pic). The sheets are Pinehill as well as the euro shams, they are like big fluffy hugs. The bed is hard to get out of its so comfy. We have extra blankets on the end because the air conditioner blows so cold I swear you could hang meat in here, which I LOVE!  The pink table is extra space (we pull out when we need) and the rug is Vera Bradely. I did mention this is Pookies trailer.
Now please step into our kitchen, the blue ribbons are again playing double duty as window treatment and safe storage for said ribbons (blue ribbons = 1st place). Wouldn't white look so nice?

Closer look at our kitchen. Keurig machine because four a.m. isn't possible with out coffee. The little egg shaped thing is a young living oil diffuser (we all have allergies). The pink basket is full of disposables. Hidden in the pantry is a microwave and toaster oven.  

The view from the dinning room. You have no idea how much the metal stars, Texas key holder and horseshoes make my eyes burn!!!! 

As I sit on the couch (also the dinning chair) this view shows the refrigerator and the wonky door on the right is the potty. The opening leads to the mud room as I call it. There is another door from outside so Pookie can enter down there and change clothes, shower, etc... There is a door but for picture purposes I had to open it. You can see me giving a wave in the mirror. 

Closer look at the bedroom. My bags are on the bed and that iron horse thingy above the bed would have been ripped out by now but it's screwed into the trailer. Ugh!!! 

The view from the master suite. It's pretty cozy up here. 

Now what would a tour be without a peak in the refrigerator.  Fruit (berries, grapes and watermelon), cheese and meat (low carb diet), water and of course ️diet coke. There was nothing in the freezer, in the summer you can sometimes find Popsicles. Since I'm unaware of any low carb Popsicles, empty it is.  
It's not fancy and there are some superstar options out there when it comes to horse trailers. I'd be lying if I said I didn't want one...I DO! Who wouldn't, but dang they cost...they cost a TON. Pookies trailer is super clean, comfortable and has all the comforts of home and it's really nice to be on the grounds as your animals.  I'll take our little trailer over hauling back and forth to hotels, it works for us. 
The whole enchilada - 35 foot trailer, which can hold three horses (which I did have today) and living quarters, then about another ten feet for the truck. If I can drive down the highway 45 feet long and carrying live animals then ANYONE can! 

The secret is being comfortable, don't let the size intimidate you and of course some practice. 
Happy trails my friends.

Love and Limes,


  1. Showed this to my daughter and she now has trailer envy! Good to Pookie! Lucinda

  2. Wow- this trailer is super cool!
    - Linda