Monday, May 11, 2015

IKEA Nipprig Collection - worth a trip!

We are currently working on revamping my daughter's bedroom (per her request) and I made a little stop (via the web) at IKEA today and was taken back at with the Nipprig Collection. It's kind of awesome, I know ikea has lots of great things but nothing lately has made me want to get in my car and make an hour drive like this.

The Nipprig chair priced great at $49.99, comes in black, natural and my personal favorite - GREEN. I can see all kind of uses, not in my daughter's room but the second this popped up on the screen I forgot about what I was looking for. Put it next to a the table with my Lilly for Target umbrella and cushions...LOVE!!!
The table is $39.00 and as fast as I can type my mind was doing the math = $150 ish and I'm looking a summer set up that will make me happy and leave room for summer fun! The table comes in black/natural or green/natural, one guess at the option I want.

The Nipprig Collection also has inexpensive rugs, shades, baskets, and on and on.
The hooks are a whooping $8.99 dang IKEA how do you do it??!!??!!
The item that made me take my curiosity a click further was the Nipprig Beach Bag at $4.99, I thought for sure it was a gift bag or super tiny  but according to the description and the pics I saw it looks like a legit beach/pool tote and pretty sure I need it my bag lady life. 

None of the items are available for purchase online which always makes me scream,"WHY IKEA, WHY????"

None the less, my vehicle could drive to Houston itself so I will make a fun day of it (not that it takes much for me to head to H town).

Have a great week, stay dry (crazy mad weather here).

Love and Limes,

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