Sunday, May 31, 2015

Oh $#%+

Recently my son had a friend over and he saw this notepad sitting in my kitchen. Without a thought my son said, "it's my moms catch phrase." I about fell over...not really, it's true. 
When I was kid I remember my brother (7 years younger than myself) saying to my mom, "when I get older my favorite word is going to be the $hit word." It was and is extremely laughable. I'd love to say I never use colorful words or phrases (a.k.a. Potty words) but who are we kidding.
 Some days are worse than others and I can go weeks and weeks be almost a Nun with my vocabulary then I split hell wide open with a f-BOMB! Ugh!!! I'm not perfect and it happens, judge away, I am full of imperfections and faults. I'm now nor have I ever claimed to be Mrs.Manners. 

I'm working on it, until then I'm going to use my "Oh $hit" notepad.

Love and limes,


  1. Growing up when I had to go shovel horse manure we never said Manure it was always did you shovel the horse shit yet? So I get it!

  2. Feathered Nest BoutiqueJune 1, 2015 at 6:32 AM

    Love this! Real life... potty words and all! But no one does real life more glamorous than you girlie!

    Thanks for the laugh this Monday morning!

  3. Keeping it real - that's what I appreciate most from bloggers.

    Poop happens, not so funny when your three year old says this to his Pre-K teacher in the perfect context. Nothing like a three year old dropping it like #itshott

  4. Guess we all have a little Aunt Joey in us! haha

  5. Tikka, do you think those pads are possibly sold out? I could use two of them.