Monday, May 18, 2015

Our Kitchen - don't get excited

I've said it before but I live in my car and my kitchen. Doesn't everyone! Today's post is our kitchen and no it's not the newest and biggest nor is it filled with the best or latest...judge away, I care not! My family doesn't care if our refrigerator is black and eighteen years old, they could careless what's on the floor or that the cabinets are original to the house (built in 1966). They love the food that's made here and the love that flows so the rest is...just a kitchen. I don't have the kind of friends who care either, if they do they can #%*€ off. My friends and family are not basing there love or friendship on hottest and most magazine worthy.  It's our kitchen - have a look.
The house itself is not small but for whatever reason the kitchen is. I have a oddly gigantic dinning room (22x26), so what was the thought process. Let's build a house and give it a huge formal dinning room and family room but a tiny kitchen. I don't understand, obviously they intended to entertain, maybe they didn't intend on feeding anyone. Who knows. I do want to paint in the next four months or so (the judge hasn't been informed yet), four months could be a year...who knows.
As appliances break beyond repair I replace with stainless steel ones but DAMN that refrigerator keeps cranking along! My iPad is usually in then kitchen, for recipes, videos, emails, etc..

There's a close up of each cabinet further down. I do have a lamp next to the sink and a brass pineapple one under the cabinet. There is an old school butcher board that pulls out like a drawer that I use to place hot out of the oven dishes or the nightly plates and flatware.

One big requirement I have out of a kitchen is a window and preferably over the sink. I stand in that stop A TON, the window makes it nicer.
The scallops on the shade are my favorite. I'm not original in that weekly I pick up fresh flowers from the grocery store and have them around the house (especially the kitchen). The Staffordshire dogs on the window are sweet and my mom has collected them for years, they make me think of her. 

Yes the floor is blah, but it's tile and clean and could be worse. The island is small and we have an electric cooktop (I'd love gas).

This picture was taken standing in my utility room. The towels are hanging on three seperate towel bars, that I hung a million years ago. It works, it's fun and I love it. The stool are where the children sit for breakfast, hang out, snack, and basic homework. They are slipcovered so clean up is a breeze. 

The big black beast of a refrigerator, all of the appliances in my house have been repaired or replaced except the refrigerator. It's also the one thing I want to replace the most. Seems right! The gigantic bulletin board is from Ballard and full of stuff! The typical items of pictures, projects and papers of the children. Obviously it could stand to be weeded through and cleaned up a bit. One day...maybe. 
This is the cabinet to the left of the sink. It primarily has all white dishes and my monogrammed white dishes. I have a "plate" thing. 

This wonky picture is the cabinet to the left of the white dish cabinet. It is full of vintage Mexican dishes. By full I mean jam packed.

This is the cabinet to the right of the sink. Here is were we keep our glasses (not the Tervis, that cabinet is in the utility room next to the ice maker). Clear seems to be my preferred choice of glass.

To the right of the glass cabinet and directly next to the refrigerator is the silver and Mac-Kenzie Childs cabinet. The two bottom shelves are Mac-Kenzie Childs, the courtly check pattern is a great neutral and mixes amazingly with tons! I love it. The top shelf is silver that I use offen, bowls, candy dishes,and serving options. I can't say which I am drawn to more - plates or silver. 

This is the left side of the sink, I'm  right handed but drawn to the left side of the sink. I use this side for everything. Feels so weird to me, but it's how I function. I have never been a one soap next to the sink kind of girl. Probably because I wash my hands an abnormal amount of times, that is not a joke. I have more issues than vogue...this is volumne #1.
Immediately next to the refrigerator is a stash of water, YES that's water. A surplus of pink straws (I always use a straw, I know it's bad...I can't help it, this could be volumne #2).
The cooktop has a cutting board full of cooking necessities. When I need all four burns it slides easily to the left for use. 
Last nights dinner dishes and flatware. Bamboo just makes me smile! I kind of love on anything (I have a great set of bamboo serving trays). On my wish list is a set of gold bamboo flatware. One day they will be mine. Probably not one day soon but they will.  
Again this is basically me standing in our utility room to take this picture and as you can see from the still present Cinco De Mayo decorations that's the breakfast room straight ahead. 
Surplus of paper napkins. Can't pass up a cute package of cocktail napkins. They are fun, inexpensive and make my diet coke a littler fancier. 
That's the big kitchen tour, not to exciting. No fancy gadgets or state of the art countertops, appliances or anything  actually. The food that comes out of this tiny space is delicious (insert pat on the back here). My family is more than happy to come when called. One day when the children are grown and they are finished with college...I'll cry and then I'll get a dream kitchen but for now I'll gladly feed my family right here. But the paint has gotta go (wink, wink). 


  1. Loved peeking in your kitchen. So many cute all the MacKenzie Childs, the Staffordshire dogs, the monogrammed napkins, and the bamboo flatware, I have a lived-in kitchen too.

  2. I don't see a small kitchen but a beautiful space filled with good meals and great times. Love all the Tikaa touches!

  3. Feathered Nest BoutiqueMay 18, 2015 at 6:51 AM

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that your kitchen is 'real' for a busy family who eats, entertains and lives in it! Kitchens are the heart of the home and your's is wonderful.
    I am a MC addict and loved seeing those Courtly Checks! And the slipcovered benches are a wonderful idea! I'm borrowing the towel holder idea and going to hunt for a bench to slipcover!
    Thank you so much for the look into your life and for all the inspiration!

  4. LOVE! It's adorable. Lived in. REAL! Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. I grew up in a home built in the 1920's. It was huge but had a smaller kitchen too. People didn't hang out in the kitchen like we do now. Also, labor was pretty cheap so many people had cooks. I think your kitchen is lovely. It is filled with love and that is worth more than fancy appliances.

  6. I just love your style and your spirit! You are so inspiring! I love, love, love all your dishes, the plates hanging, and your darling towels! I woul still have a 1980 black refridge, I'm sure, if we had not have had to move. For some reason that era just won't die. The people that bought our old house, still have ours (no joke)! Your kitchen is full of love! Thank you for sharing! ~~~ Liz

  7. What a beautiful and warm space! Your touch is evident - and this room makes me feel happy. You are kind to share.

  8. Love your kitchen!!!!
    -Linda, ny

  9. Hello- I am looking through your old posts to find a recommendation you made for some make up and I got side tracked on this post. Girl, get on eBay and buy you some gold bamboo flatware. I bought a set that was made in the 1960s and never used. It came in the original wooden box with each piece still wrapped. I think I paid $100 for a service for 8. I love it so much my family is sick of looking at it. My sister in law loved it and went on ebay and bought herself a set, too. Her pattern is a little different than mine but its gold bamboo and very cute too.