Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Pookie update

Pookie's room is coming along, we've had a TON of rain (for weeks) so furniture still needs to be painted. We are still on the search for curtains and we recently found a bed skirt. It's all coming together. The rug in the picture is not staying there, it's actually for the bathroom. Ugh, I'm so impatient but it's getting there. The lamp base is going to be painted silver (when it stops raining) and the hardware for the nightstand is pink and again waiting on the rain to take a break. 

This is Pookie's space and I've had to bite my tongue and sit on my hands, but it's her decision and I'm really trying to be ok it all. To be fair, the he vast majority of her picks and purchases have been great. I'm not in love with the bedding, but she is. There have been a few rugs and curtain fabrics I've loved but got shot down. I have one nightstand (white) and a chest (silver) left to paint and hardware. Not my favorite thing to do but for my children I will gladly paint away.

I snapped a quick this morning. We went shopping yesterday and Pookie found the yellow bench (Target) and the lamps with the precious striped shades (Hobby Lobby). The desk (to the right) was a piece I had in our sunroom and Pookie asked if she could take it over. It's painted silver and I gladly offered to buy her a new desk but she likes the look and honestly so do I. We are still back and forth on a couch and now she's thinking she wants chairs...decisions!  Yes, those are gigantic pillow pets on her bed. Whatever! She's loving the bright and cheer space and she's enjoying the process. It's a win, win. 
On our search for goodies for Pookie's room yesterday we made a stop at Charolette's Saddlery for a couple items Pookie needed. Her English gear needed some updates. 
This belt was so pretty.
Charolette's Saddlery caters to the English rider. It's always fun to visit one of there locations. 

Pookie trying out a new ratcatcher and hunt coat. She's lost thirty pounds since last July! I can't get over her commitment and dedication to her weight lost journey. She's a true inspiration. 
After our shopping trip, we managed to get home before the storm hit. Thank goodness too, not only did it rain we had tornado watches/warnings, etc.. I had a alert on phone pop up and say a Tornado was highly possible to take cover immediately. We did, and into the most interior bathroom we went with dogs, drinks and snacks in tow. 
After staying there for a while, and after the weather alert passed I had to decompress. It was still storming and lots of thunder and lightening...I took a long shower. After which I put headphones on (to muffle the storm). 
The L'Occitaane shower oil and skin oil are wonderful and smell like almonds (I love). They are definitely worth a try.

We are expecting more rain today (although it's sunny at the moment), I'm off to gather end of the school year goodies. I'll be sporting rubber boots and a ponytail for next few days. 

Have a great Tuesday.
Love and Limes,


  1. Stay safe! Love Pookies bedroom - colorful preppy and happy
    -Linda, ny

  2. L'Occitane is my favorite.

  3. Pookie's room is looking perfect for a teen. If she's happy what else could you want. I want that belt.


  4. Pookie's room looks great! Love the paint color on the walls, which one did you go with? Her Prom pictures were beautiful--hope she had a happy birthday this week.