Thursday, May 21, 2015


I wasn't always a believe of primers but it all changed about two years or more ago and I can't go without one now. Like any of my makeup, I switch things up. The one constant I use everyday is the Too Faced Hangiver Rx. It's almost like a light moisturizer, I'm on my second one. It's love.

Primers: (not in any order)
1. Benefit The Porefessional - oil free and translucent, feels silk and glides on the skin. It's nice, not my favorite but I do like it. Available at Sephora and Ulta and runs about $31.00 for .75 fl.oz. I have repurchased once but may not repurchase after this tube and only because I have others I need to use first. 

2. Too Faced Hangover RX - Its a replenishing face primer with coconut water, electrolytes, and probiotics.It's really feels like a light moisturizer, and I generally use it everyday. A very light application followed by another primer. You can find Too Faced at sephora and Ulta, it's about $32.00 for 1.35fl.oz  I've repurchased twice and will buy again, soon. 

3. Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer - mineral based, water resistant and SPF 15. It glides on the skin, feels wonderful and I really, really, really wanted to hate it because it's definitely for someone with a champagne budget! The tiny .33 fl.oz bottle is $18.00 and 1 fl.oz. is $52.00 and 2 fl.oz is $72.00 See why I wanted it to be a donkey doo? It's not! My little .33 fl.oz. bottle is getting LOW and sadly I will not repurchase, it's just to pricey. But if $$$ is not a worry - BUY it!! 

4. L'Oreal Revitalift Miracel Blur OIL FREE - by far my favorite primer. It's found in any drug store, and the best value of all at $24.00 for 1.18 fl.oz.  I haven't heard any talk about this product. I know it works for me. It does smooth the skin and help with the appearance of fine lines. It's light weight and completely clear. I've been throught three tubes, I just repurchased my third. It's a must have. 

I mentioned before that I'm part clown or drag queen. I love makeup. I can't wrap my brain around not loving it (for myself anyway). These are only my opinions and based on using each of them throughout the last two plus years. Maybe the input will help you. I'm 44 years old, until the past year I always had normal skin, it's now on the dry side. I'm do have psoriasis (not on my face) and can be sensitive to products (none of the ones I mentioned). I wear make up almost everyday but only touch up if I have an event or function in the evening. Lipstick, gloss and mascara are my favorite products but lately I've been crushing on blushes. 
Hope all this helps you find a primer you love. If you use one I didn't mention let me know.

Happy Friday!!!
Love and Limes,


  1. Okay, LOVED reading this! We have so much in common! I'm 44 too and love makeup! My mom used to tease me because in my 16 + years of doing car rider lines at school, I've never gone through the line without makeup! Ha! I honestly feel naked without it. :) I'll have to try these primers. Right now I'm using the Neutrogena one and am pretty happy with it. I like that it kind of fills in my pores. I just went today and bought more makeup brushes and these disposable exfoliating cotton rounds and I'm such a dork because I can't wait to use them! :)

  2. I will try the loreal - use Make up forever primer in green , always looking for inexpensive option. Thanks!
    -Linda, ny