Saturday, May 16, 2015


It's been a busy week - started off with painting Pookie's bedroom (which took time), had  an overnight trip to San Antonio, and then College Station for a little last minute Prom necessities (Yep, I drove to College Station about 20 minutes after getting home from a 3 hour drive from San Antonio). Then this morning I woke up bright and early (for the record I'm not a early bird...I don't even like birds) threw myself together and drove to Houston to have Pookie's hair and make up done for Prom. These are a few examples of why I keep a small pillow and a cooler full of Diet Coke in my vehicle at all times. I need a nap in between baseball and riding practice, and drink as much caffeine as I can to power through. Not complaining, I love every minute. 

Kept it simple today with a denim sheath dress, gold Jack Rogers and a blue and white beaded necklace. It was pony tail and false eyelashes (thanks Kristen for the lashes) kind of morning. 

We headed to Houston and went straight to Kristens for fluff and fuss. Once Kristen got the vast majority of Pookie's makeup (only missing lipstick) on, she switched gears to get crackin on her hair...and we forgot the headband. It's Houston, I didn't  panic...twenty minutes later I was back with a new rhinestone headband.

A little touch up after hair.

Doing what most do...text message/snapchat checking in.

I bought out the Kate Spade heart tote today, I kind of adore it and why not. After Pookie's hair and make up we stopped by Zoe's Kitchen and grabbed a quick lunch before driving the hour back home.

Our first stop on the Prom Picture Tour was at The Citadel (historical location, was actually a historical country club). It was slightly windy and amazingly sunny (it's rained here for about a week straight). Pookie wore red heels with her dress but there was no way she was letting me take pictures without getting in her favorite boots. 

Oh HEY Tin Haul boots, Pookie needs a new pair! She's about worn these out and even though she has about fourteen pairs in her closet she grabs these - EVERYTIME!!!! 

Closer look, this boot company (Tin Haul) I believe makes the bottom of there boots out of the same material as a skateboard. All I know is these boots have held UP!  

We took 999 pictures, I love 989 of struggles. If you've ever tried to take pictures with your child and a dog or cat then multiple that by about twelve hundred pounds and add in the attention span of a three year old and you then have Louie! He's the SWEETEST animal in the Great State of Texas but seriously he could careless about taking pictures. The picture looks posed but Pookie had just grabbed Louie and was giving him the "straighten up" look and worked for one more picture and then we called it quits. This was stop two on The Prom Picture Tour, it's Louie's home Wichita Ranch (he's loves it there, they love him there and the progress he's made is amazing).

Stop three, yes I said stop three! Stop three was where Pookie's friends wanted to take group pics. I can't show the group, I didn't ask there parents permission and that's that. They did the typical pics, small town, downtown, old building and railroad tracks. Nothing exciting but lots of beautiful pictures and some great group shots.

So the theme is Masquerade, or something like that. When we were shopping weeks ago for earrings we came across this rhinestone mask. Add mask = silly pictures. Silly pictures are always must, but the mask did not go to Prom.

After all the preparations, pictures, limo, etc... Mom needed a cocktail. Friends meet us for dinner and I did slip on the diet and have a cocktail (I drank water after, does that count). 

It was a great day and Pookie looked beautiful. I loved watching her transform today, love her horse (with her whole heart), giggling with friends and hugging in her Daddy before leaving. 
Another milestone in parenting. I love this child (her brother too).

Have a great Saturday.
Love and Limes,

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  1. Gorgeous Pookie!!!!! Great job Mama!
    -Linda, ny