Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Random Things About Me - May 27

   Random things about me - very random!

1. Yes it's my real name, not short or anything or made up. 

2. Please, please, please stop telling me that Diet Coke is bad for me. I'm grown, I get it...I'm drinking it anyway! 
P.S. - I have an issue with the person (anyone) who thinks I need this opinion from them. Seriously I shut them off the second the words "do you know how bad those are for you" (insert eye rolling here). It's not a cooler full of wine or vodka people it's a diet coke, lighten up or #%^| off. 

3. I do not at all like birds (real, flying ones anyway). They fly! I have had one in my hair (could feel wings on my face). I'm not a fan (I'm afraid). I think they sense it, I've had far to many weird bird interactions for them not to know it. 

4. Snakes, not a problem...any day over a bird.

5. Favorite color: kelly green, pink second fav. I love color. Least favorite is black, I don't generally wear black clothes (shocker I know). It's just not colorful and wonderful (my opinion)

6. I love bamboo, monograms, cocktail napkins, a pretty tray, family dinners and trying new things.

7. I spend the most of my time in my car. Not because I love it or its a happy space, but out of necessity. Small town livin requires it. Horse trainers and baseball teams down generally live in the tiniest of tiny towns. There are no bakeries here, fabric stores, not a single Target or Hobby Lobby, we don't even have a Chick-Fil-A. We do have a Starbucks  (oddly enough) but it's run down, usually dirty and I've been through the drive through and been told "sorry we are out of cups." I thought I was being Punked, what do you say to that at Starbucks?!?!???

8. If I could get my groceries delivered to my door I'd NEVER go to the grocery store again. I love to cook, don't mind the clean up, but can not stand the grocery store. I know there are services that actually do that for you, they are not available in my town (I know, I've checked). I CAN NOT stand going there. It's a strange hang up about it, and I get panicked and anxious and I want to run out the door the second I walk in, it's right up there with going to the dentist. I have issues, I know! If someone goes with me, it's better but not great. I sound like a freak, whatever. 

9. I love to travel, who doesn't. Add water and I'm happier. Throw me on a boat, down right blissful. 

10. I have many obsessions and addictions (all legal) but the one I can not shake and has been with me since I was a teen - HANDBAGS. Not any handbags, the worse possible kind, designer, high end luxury bags (new or vintage). I know it's slightly nutty. Only slightly! I can not explain it, I've tried to change it and there is no shaking it. I am drawn to them like a moth to a light. I notice everyone's handbag and not to judge but out of curiosity and frequently out of lust. I'd love my own handbag line (dreaming big) or to be a brand ambassador to one of my favorites. Some people collect jewelry, guns, antiques, cars all kinds of's just a personal interest. I get judged, like HARD CORE, like why are you not giving the money you would spend on a handbag to feed the hungry. I am charitable, again judge away. I'll never make everyone happy but I'll have a gorgeous handbag while being called a #%*|<. I'm ok with it.
11. I love pajamas- enough said

12. If I start watching a series on Netflix or iTunes, I'm useless until done with said series. I try and save those for car rides and vacation. 

13. Shaved legs + clean sheets = DELIGHTFUL 

14.  Sun over rain. Hot over cold. Water over Mountains. Dress over Pants. Contacts over glasses. Shower over Bath. Cup(with ice) over can (diet coke). Dogs over Cats. Baseball over Football. Lipstick over Gloss (but I love gloss). Airplane over Car. Hotel over Tent. Air Conditioning over window open. Breakfast over lunch (love breakfast food). Real book over iBooks. Valet over self park. Night over day. 

15. If there was a way to wrap me up like a burrito before I went to sleep - I'd LOVE THAT!  Weird, I know.

16. Odd numbers (now I have to add one more)

17. My family is my push button. For them I'd do anything. 

There's more but I'll save those for another time. 

Happy Wednesday.
Love and Limes, 


  1. Oh my! This list is just delightful...we could be fast friends! I too live in a TINY town(like a gas station and a dollar store) I have to drive anywhere for everything! Designer Handbags are my love language! And birds forget about it...HATE them! I could go on and on but I will stop! Love your blog!

  2. You are too cute! I'm certain we'd be BFF s if we lived in the same town.
    - Linda, ny

  3. Tikaa

    Seriously love ya. I too, get so tired of the "do good with that money" - EFF OFF. I calculated the funds that I spent on LV/Hermes in 5 years versus the cousin who would buy the random Tarjay bag, Walmart Wonder-keeper, etc guess what - she ended up spending MORE than I did in that 5 year tabulation. I always go for Quality - never quantity.
    **SIDE EYE GLARE to those that dare judge, bags, diet coke in tote**