Friday, May 15, 2015

San Antonio Shopping-Fiesta on Main

After a great night in San Antonio we decided to hit a cute local shop before heading home the next morning. I can not visit San Antonio without stopping by Fiesta on Main. It's a hidden gem (probably not if you living in San Antonio) 

As soon as you walk in the colors are screaming at you, in the most delightful way. Walking in Fiesta on Main immediately makes me want to have a party. Who wouldn't want to with all these adorable piñatas.

This place is PACKED, room after room is floor to ceiling. Anything and everything you need (or want) for a Fiesta.

I keep saying I'm going to buy two of these brightly colored paper flower wreaths but I haven't yet. I think they would be so fun for summer.

In case you need floral headbands I know a place...they ship. 

Yes, it does seem I have a odd attraction to piñatas - brightly colored, filled with candy and you get to beat the shit out of it...yes PLEASE!!!! 

Fiesta on Main has EVERYTHING- Party decorations, piñatas, dishes, decor, pottery,clothing, ART, you can find it here. 

Bolts of oil cloth, they have that too. 

Huge stacks of serapes, Yep those too!

Wouldn't be Fiesta without a sombrero. 

Or huge bunchs of paper flowers.

Not a great pic of me, it was storming most of the day and all around rainy icky weather.  Thanks to Ralph Lauren for the great top and floral pants (I couldn't get a pic of my entire outfit in one pic). I'm loving the ease and yet put together look of this outfit.
Ralph Lauren pants and top and Jack Rogers cork and gold sandals.  
The event last night, dinner at Ruth Chris Steak House and trip to Fiesta on Main were all a great little over night get away. Like I've said before, I'll gladly drive to San Antonio. 

Have a great weekend.
Love and Limes,

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