Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunday Funday

Prom was yesterday and today I thought we'd take it easy. Then Pookie said, " I have to finish up the English project, it's due tomorrow." Oh CrAP! 
She had the vast majority done and was finishing small bits and pieces. Like any good mom I said, "let's go see Pitch Perfect 2." So we did and it was cute but the first one was better, but it was cute and I would say to go see it.
I threw on my new navy gingham monogrammed button up (I ordered two sizes too big, I don't know what I was thinking). It's big (again my fault) but with white jeans and hanging out its A-dOr-aBlE!!!!! 

Hello leopard and gold Sperry's, i forgot all about you. 

My son snapped this pic and the look on my face was worth cutting my head off. Plus what the heck with picture quality. Oh well, my Kate Spade heart tote looks great in the picture (and I love it). The ️gingham monogram button up is from Feather Nest Boutique on etsy and she has all colors of button up gingham shirts and you can choose your monogram type and color. 

After the movie Pookie went back to project details, and I started the dinner prep. I kept it casual and pulled out my rose medallion plates, blue and white bone dishes, bamboo flatware (I really want gold bamboo flatware) and orange and white striped napkins. Every color of the rainbow may have been present. 

With yesterday's cocktail, I knew today I had to more careful today so salad for dinner. We tried a bag salad - Sweet Kale mix (the sweet was the dressing which I left out). I added radishes, avocados, limes and we cooked fajita meat to top it off. Nothing fancy. Before dinner prep I took the pictures for tomorrow's blog post of my kitchen. After I was done the judge came home with flowers...well flowers I may have asked for but nonetheless flowers. They will not be seen in tomorrow's post.
Since they are not going to be featured in tomorrow's post, here's a peak tonight. Basic little creamy white spray roses and bright pink carnations. 
After dinner was cleaned up and I am about to head to the shower and then watch Game of Thrones, Pookie says,"I need to go to Walmart for my project."  Really???!!!??? She ran out of sheet protectors so off to Walmart we went, for one thing.
One thing is never one thing!!!! A little personal tidbit about me: I hate self check out! It is NOT convenient, the screen is always freaking out and telling me "item not in bagging area" and I'm like - YES IT IS!!! And Dear Lord do not buy medication or paint and try to self check out because that's a whole different level of pain in the ass.
Any whooooo, the weekend was lovely.
This week is busy, school programs, Astro baseball game, Governors Mansion, Houston Rockets game, private events...busy but we wouldn't have it any other way. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend. See you tomorrow. 

Love and Limes,

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  1. Feathered Nest BoutiqueMay 21, 2015 at 3:27 AM

    Please come style my life! Everything is so stinkin' pretty! Love how you rocked our Gingham shirt! And thank you so very much for the mention!