Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Table Top Thursday- 5/28

Today is the first for Table Top Thursday-Each week I'll feature one or more table tops (place settings) from our week. To get started here are a few from the recent past and toward the end of this post you'll find this weeks feature. 
Cinco de Mayo
Our Cinco De Mayo table, you have seen in the Cinco De Mayo post I did. Here's another quick flashback. MacKenzie-Childs dinner plates in Courtly Check and  tumblers to match. The salad plates are from the Mexican market in San Antonio and the bamboo flatware I've had for a while. It was a festive dinner and the family enjoyed the touches.
Another quick flashback to my birthday celebration with my friend Betsy (thanks to all the lovely ladies who came to help us celebrate). I had the tablecloth made and used the leaf plates and flower salad plates made by mentally disable clients at a resident home near by. They have a shop and I picked up twelve of each, I adore them. 
Party favors were small individual bottles of champagne tied with a bow and straw, oh a made a container from a bath and body works candle, with a animal (mostly horses) spray painted silver and attached to top. Inside I filled with an eos lip balm that I glued rhinestones to and a flamingo pocketbac holder and hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works. My friends and family were the best, thanks for celebrating with me.

Our Easter table. This year my mom asked if she could take a year off from hosting and I glady offered to host. The placemats were a FIND from Target (4 for $10), I almost screamed in excitement when I found them ( @pollyannapics was with me). I mixed our wedding China (one of two we have) dinner plate with the flower salad plate (used for birthday) and topped it off with our monogrammed bread and butter plate. Not exactly Mrs.Manners approved but I set the table to how I like it.  
It's not fancy, we keep it fun. I used my Francis the 1st silver and a silver punch cup with a floral arrangement was placed at each guest place setting. As well as a chocolate bunny and Easter egg. 
The day was delightful and I was happy to host.
This week I set the table early for Thursday. I had to, we had a busy Wednesday and I needed the breakfast table to be bright and cheery for Thursday morning and kicking off Pookie's seventeen birthday.  Shown is our wedding China (one set anyway) from eighteen years ago. It's by Nikko and the pattern is Empress. All of the plates in the set are scalloped and details of tiny pink flowers and bands of gold make each piece perfect. I used the bamboo flatware, because it's my favorite (one day I'll have gold bamboo flatware). The bowl on top is old and nothing special but  it pink and green and I like it. The seersucker napkins were found on Etsy and another woman on Etsy monogrammed them. The tablecloth was made out of Lilly fabric (or a once sheet, I can't remember). The centerpiece was pink roses in a silver vessel and two Staffordshire dogs sat at each side of the roses. 
Pookie's birthday table top! The runner is wrapping paper (I seem to use wrapping paper like that frequently). The dinner plate is monogrammed in silver with our initial (from Horchow). The salad plates and napkins are Lilly Pulitzer. The flatware is an acrylic bamboo (more bamboo, it's an addiction/collection). The two little vases are Juliska and I used one of my MacKenzie-Childs champagne flutes for the other vase. 
Keeping it cute and on the preppy side, I found a huge elephant piƱata for the centerpiece and I image it will hang out in Pookie's room for a bit after her birthday. 
The before pic at the grocery (you know my favorite place...and by favorite I mean I'd rather clean toilets then go there). But I do like to cook, just have a weird issue with grocery store (that's a whole another blog post).
The bar cart - full of adult beverages and child-friendly ones too. I kept with the pink and green theme and opened up these cocktail napkins I found while wondering the fields during the antique show in Round Top (junk month). I love the gold foiled pineapple (the are by Slant). 
Today we celebrate our girl, she arrived five plus weeks early seventeen years ago. From the moment she could speak it was always horses, we didn't have baby dolls and Barbie's. It's always been a horse, from stuffed animal horses to Breyers. You've never had a fear, you've been kicked, thrown and fallen and have suffered loss but you've never given up or considered not going back to the barn. Your horses love you as much as I know you love them (you can see it). Today we celebrate you and I can not tell you enough how lucky I am to call you my daughter. You are the most dedicated, hardworking, brave, intelligent and loving young woman. You have qualities that I could only dream of, your future is huge!!!
Have the Happiest of Birthdays. I love you and could not be prouder of the young woman you have become.
Happy 17th Birthday Pookie




  1. Happy Birthday Pookie! She's sounds like a great young lady!

  2. Happy birthdayPookie! Love hose photos oh her and her horses- so Ralph Lauren . Texas women are so glam!
    - Linda, ny