Friday, May 29, 2015

What I can't do...or just suck at doing!

I posted this picture on Instagram last night (Thursday).
These were made by me and the question two followers posted was - is there anything you can't do? 
Well the list is LONG, and I'll happily share.

A list of things I can NOT do:
1. Sit criss cross applesauce 
2. The splits
3. Eat celery (yuck)
4. Function without my contacts or glasses
5. Sew beyond a straight line
6. Change the oil in my car
7. Change a tire
8. Keep my closet clean (constant battle that I never win)
9. Grow any type of plant or flower (I can grow dirt!)
10. Fix issues with my computer when it messes up
11. Fix the Internet connection in our house when it goes wonky
12. Drive a tractor
13. Fix any plumbing issue
14. Fix an electrical issue
15. Flip the mattress alone
16. Paint my  nails (I suck at it)
17. Fix my dryer (which breaks about once a month, thank you Electrolux) 
18. Pick up heavy stuff (like my yeti when it's full of ice and drinks)
19. Make an omelet 
20. Algebra...or any other math
21. Sleep without the television on
22. Understand Star Wars, Star Trek or old westerns (I can't pay attention long enough to get it) 
23. Get rid of my first Louis Vuitton or Gucci bag
24. Ride a roller coaster (there would be vomit involved)
25. Make pie (I can but its not cute)
26. Swim (kidding, I can swim and love the water. Threw that one in to see if anyone was still reading)
27. Play ping pong
28. Get all the laundry done
29. Have every room in our house clean at the same time - WHY!!!! 
30. Play baseball or football (according to my son but he did say - you can jump rope)
31. Turn the tv off if Hoarders is on
32. Ride the tube behind the boat (hurts my hip)
33. Knit
34. Yo-Yo
35. Solve a rubics cube (my son can)
36. Pass up a cocktail napkin, monogram or lipstick
37. Speak Spanish, Chinese....or any foreign language
38. Go any where without earrings (I keep a spare pair in my car and purse). I've bought earrings at a gas station once because I forgot to put some on. That's when I put extra simple studs in my car. 
39. Take generic allergy meds - I break out in a rash 
40. Keep white jeans clean (but I still wear all the time)
Silly but fun post. I am full of energy and love that I have some creativity. I do what I need to and throw in some fun and fluff along the way. 

Thanks for reading, the list could go on and on of what I can not do. What's on your list??

Love and Limes,


  1. Love it, Tikaa!! We have several can'ts in common: white jeans, no, sew...not since I sewed my fingers together with my machine, criss cross, splits...honey please. And then there are the won'ts: cars, plumbing and electrical. I have 4 boys and The Cap't...Surely, they are good for something. I love your humor and energy. Amy

  2. Oh girl, white jeans are always cute in the a.m. and a mess by noon. I can't ping pong either.

  3. That look like a list of mine! But to this day I still cannot swim! Love to cruise but can't swim. Hate the beach! Let's hope the ship never has a Titanic moment!