Thursday, May 14, 2015

What's in our Pool/Beach Bag

I teamed up with an adorable woman on Instagram to share What's In My Pool/Beach Bag. You can find my picture on her page (@Southernchicstyle) and hers on my page (@Tikaac).  But let's have look since your here.
This is my big old pool bag that I had made about two years ago. Of course it is monogrammed and no surprise it's accented in green. When I head to the pool or lake my bag becomes the keeper of everyone's things or needs. So sunscreen for everyone's SPF requirements and tanning desires are carried in a clear Vera Bradley cosmetic bag and always stored in my tote. We are kind of pale over here so no way we are hitting the driveway without an SPF of at least 30. 
A year or so ago (pretty sure they are still available) I stumbled on the greatest pool towels, the are the navy and white ones pictured and there are four huge towels in that bag. How you are wondering - they are huge microfiber towels! We have two sets and we went from carrying a bag with only towels in it and an additional necessities bag to only one. These towels work!!!  
The green and white thingy with my monogram in the right of the picture is my bathing suit buddy, a neoprene mat that you sit on next to the pool. Why you ask,  you don't burn your bottom but more importantly you never have to worry about snagging your pretty swim suit. They roll up to nothing and slip into my bag easy peasy. 
Sunglasses are a must, pictured are a pair of Kate Spade aviator style with turquoise and white stripes on the sides. They are fun, I got them on sale on sale so I don't fret if they fall off. 
 I always take my iPad (in black and white Kate Spade case) to read, watch Netflix or YouTube and let's not forget Instagram. Generally I try to bring a Maydesigns notebook along (not just to the pool but most places), ideas hit, always making a list and the occasional doodle. They are cute,fun and personalized it's a win, win all around.
Most trip to the pool or lake I'm in the Jack Rogers jellies or a pair of Tory Burch ️rubber flip flops, you can get either wet, enough said. 
 Then there is the snack, for a quick trip I throw a bag of goldfish in (who doesn't like) and move along, but if you follow me on Instagram then you may have seen the snack box we carry around. Gotta eat, right?!?!?! When snacking is a possibility then Wet Ones (individual packets) and Bath & Body pocket bacs are guaranteed. 
I alway and I mean always have a small cooler of drinks in my car at all times, no kidding. For extra hydration I throw a bottle of water in the pool bag. I over's a sickness I can't help it. 

Ashley from @Southernchicstyle (on Instagram) keeps it a little more simple. I totally respect that and one day I'll learn the art of simplicity. A cute tote and koozie from Feather Nest Boutique (on Etsy or @FNBinstagram). Feather Nest Boutique really hits it out of the park on all levels of cuteness (my navy gingham shirt with pink monogram is from them). Ashley also carries Tory Burch Miller sandals and aviators, she's got the fashionable pool look down and on point. Her families sunscreen needs are Sun Bum and my fav sunscreen scent, Hawaiian Tropic. It just smells like summer. We all throw a few hair ties in our bag, Texas heat makes its a must.  Ashley's current book of choice is from Sarah Sadler (instagram @sarahsadlerwrites) and looks to be a fun, light and easy poolside read. I'll have to get that one (I'm a big reader..nerd-ish). 
I think we are all ready for summer and who doesn't looking in someone's purse,! 
What are your summer must haves???

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  1. Feathered Nest BoutiqueMay 21, 2015 at 3:28 AM

    Big reader too! Must add Ashley's read to my list. Love all the goodies you both shared in your pool bags. Note to self... Get a pool & a bag! I might now where to find the later. ;)