Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Fathers Day Gift Ideas for the Geek Dad

Let me start by saying I'm using Geek in the most loving but accurate way. The hubs isn't super handy and loves all things computer related, Star Wars/Star Trek and nerd approved. I can't even - Star Wars/Star Trek...for real! He loves that geekery.

If your lucky enough to have a handy husband or father (my dad can build ANYTHING..like seriously) then this hammer is precious. This etsy shop NiksNaksStore will take your child's handwritten message and burn it into the handle of the hammer for $37.50. What a great gift, touching and useful. I am in LOVE with this!

In our house we are gigantic and I mean like FREAKS about Shark Week. These fun socks from the etsy shop: FreshElites are a perfect gift for the hubs. A little pricey for socks at $24.99 but did I mention we are shark week mega fans. These are almost a must for the whole family. Watch shark week in our shark socks. Yes to the yes!!!

I have no clue at which came first Star Wars, Star Trek and if Iron Man is in those but whatever. The hubs likes all those super hero people and how fun would these Iron Man headphones be? They are from the etsy shop: TheNird and sell for $50 

I did say (lovingly) it was gift for the geek. Men love baseball caps, unfortunately mine would probably love this one...I might cringe but he'd be happy (that's what matters right)? This baseball cap can be purchased on etsy from: SeamsGeeky for an affordable $20

This is the practical gift and often my go to guy gift. A monogrammed valet tray. It unsnaps and lays flat for travel. I have a pink one, they are GREAT. The hubs can throw his watch, keys, etc...in it at the hotel and it's contained. Find these on etsy at: TimelessEmbroidery for $28.99

Wait, my hubs is not a purse packing Bruce Jenner. But I had to, it's cute..I want it! Cute, quirky, monogrammed and fits my senior citizen sized iPhone!  I need this, right? It's fabric, has a zipper, you can pick your lining color (uhhhhh PINK). From the etsy shop: NottlyCreekKeepsakes and starts at $19.99

I'm not at all sure who Spider-Man hangs out with or what show he's on but once again the hubs and son get all giddy when a new movie appears staring the Spiddy- Man. I can't  help but think these Cufflinks are fun and cute! I don't hate them...not at all, they are precious. Can precious, geeky and Spiddy-Man be in the same sentence? Get your precious on at the etsy shop: CufflinkArt for $9.49

I can not trash talk this gem, I was and may slightly still be a pac-man fan. We had a full size legit Pac-Man machine when I was a kid. The hubs may see this on his desk. It's a portable amp/speaker for $35 through the etsy seller: ampoids 

Not a super exciting list but very practical for the geeky dad, the geeky dad at our house anyway. Have a great week. 

Love and Limes,

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  1. What fun ideas! It's hard to believe that Father's Day is going to be here soon!