Monday, June 1, 2015

Last Weeks Favorites

Sharing a few of my favorites from last week.
Every girl loves a tassel...this girl does! Add it to a bracelet and it's love! I ordered these from the same adorable woman I ordered the oyster necklace from - DixieDelightsBlog (etsy shop), they are $13 and come in two different sizes (I purchased the 7.5 length in white and navy)and 11different tassel options (with the availability of a custom tassel). I purchased these myself, this is not sponsored (I also purchased the oyster shell necklace). I have pink and green on my wish list.
Silly but I love the dogs dishes. I'm a MC fan and there dog dishes are not only cute but durable! Big enough for Harriet (Airdale) and small enough for Rupert (Yorkie). They had Oscar De La Renta dishes but one of them thought they should pick up and carry it around. They did not survive...lesson learned, stick to metal. Side note: Harriet is my favorite, she's the most amazing dog. I can't even!
Here's the big DORK favorite from last week or every week. Wet ones single serve packets, easy to grab and throw in the purse (find at Amazon or HEB grocery store). The others are linen like disposable napkins...we are messy. I take these everywhere - car, baseball, horses shows, trips. They feel like the real deal. I get them from Search linen like napkins, these are by Hoffmaster item #066033, 15"x17" and for $38.99 you get 300. That last a while! 

My keys are an issue, apparently I have a problem with locating them. I use to have a big sock monkey key fob (given to me from my son), another time a big pink rhinestone bear, you know all the classy choices but they did make it easier to locate my keys. I'm the person that is using her spare set nine out of ten times because j can't find my originals. Two weeks ago I found them outside (they had been out there for a day).  When I stumbled across this HUGE leopard tassel key fob on etsy, it was a non-thought. Finally a classic yet gigantic key fob for the key challenged! Again I purchased this one (the shop owner has no clue who I am). Her etsy shop is: TheProvidenceStory. The large cheetah tassel keychain (her actual description) is $26 and if you prefer a small option there are mini tassel key chains available (and many other color options). I'm drooling over the neon yellow, that's a summer need!
I love a tervis tumbler but a cocktail calls for glass. I found these at...dare I say, Walmart. Now don't get excited, they didn't come monogrammed. The glasses are currently at Walmart for a whopping 0.97 cents each. I ordered the vinyl monogram from Pearlsanscurlstx (she's @cmizell2 on Instagram).  She does a great job at afforable prices not to mention she's a Texas girl and so dang sweet.

I wore this dress last week and have it on again today. It's a shift dress, pockets, zips up the back and a great length (like I could actually bend over and pick up something off the floor). The dress is from and they have created a monster! I'm obsessed. Check out the Bthecollection on line and instagram. Brooke is the sweetest and you'll love their line.
My new favorite scent is - by YSL/Black Opium (and totally different but in second place is Jo Malone Red Roses). Black Opium smells like you could eat it (but not a food scent). I'm not all-oh the notes are... Whatever it smells delightful and I want to bathe in it. I'm not positive but I think it's only available at Sephora, it's some what new, and they sell it in a small spray (rollerball size) for $25 (larger sizes are available). I love a rollerball, throw in purse and go. 
Not an exciting post, but I have been crushing on those items this past week. 

Let me know what post you'd like to see.

Love and Limes,


  1. Love when you share organizational ideas-car, purse, whatever! Lately, you've been SO inspiring me with how you set things up! Totally carry a cooler with me now even just for errands! Thank you for sharing such fabulous tips and ideas!

  2. Thanks for the tips- I am already in contact with Ali at The Providence Story to order 4 mini tassels for my daughter and her sorority friends.
    That dress is so chic!
    -Linda, NY

  3. I always love your entertaining ideas, organizational posts and you always have great gift ideas. I've got several Graduation gifts for both boys and girls I need to give. Boys always stump me and I'm sure you have great girl ideas ~ would love a post on that.