Saturday, June 27, 2015

Pool Party Props

We haven't had much pool time this summer but any day we get we take advantage of some sun and fun. We have a few favorite pool floats and a few more I've got in "my cart."  
This is one of mine and don't be jealous of its old school vibe. 
This is one that's in "my cart" and I was trying not to buy it but DANG it's so cute and I haven't stopped thinking how we NEED it. It's a need, right? 
Everyone loves a flamingo, so why not have a flamingo float?  It's pink and precious and obviously a necessity.
We actually have this one and she's a beauty. I feel she started it all - you know the cute float trend from last summer. 
We might have this one too. I mentioned we love the water...and donuts (who doesn't).  It's HUGE and my son may occasionally jump from the diving board through the middle of the donut. 
I scream you scream we all scream for- ICE CREAM FLOATS! These come in a pack of three. 
I know, I know, I do not need this float. Dang it's cute and large enough to lay on.
The best kind of cupcakes, cute and no calories and will add a cute factor to your pool. 
This one I am ordering, inflatable pool noodle and really stinkin cute.

What children wouldn't  love playing on his float?? Hey, Captain Jack! 

There are tons of super cute pool floats out there. All of these were found on Amazon.  Have a great week. 

Love and Limes,

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