Thursday, June 11, 2015

Table Top Thursday - Part 3 Use and Lose

As you might already know we have been on a mini vacation at our place on the lake in Horseshoe Bay,Tx. We spend all day on the lake riding in the boat, swimming, tubing and loving every minute, our favorite thing to do.
 The last thing we feel like doing at the end of the day is driving into town to have dinner. I generally cook all meals while we are here, but this week I was drawing the line at dishes. Everything photographed is disposable and 98% is from Caspari (with the exception of the disposable flatware, found it at Tuesday Morning a while back).  All the plates and napkins are currently available on the Caspari website.
This night we had build your pizza and it was a huge success, definitely adding to the summer meal rotation (as if we have one). 
I put out all kind of veggie options, goat cheese, basil, turkey pepperoni, mozzarella cheese and hamburger meat. The sauces of choice were a traditional pizza sauce and by request an Alfredo sauce.
Don't ya love the summer plaid on the plates and napkins? 

Another evening we had the families all time favorite - Lollipop Lamb Chops.  I thought the lamb chops deserved a more sophisticated look, so I went with the black and creamy white striped plates with the Monkey Business napkins (again from Caspari and I love those).
Again I'm on vacation. Don't think pretty paper goods are just for parties. Pick some up for your family vacation or quick family dinners at home (you know for the nights went you need a break from the dishwasher).
Those are tiny lollipop lamb chops that's why it looks like I'm feeding an army.

My son requested that we have breakfast on the boat one morning, so we did! Don't get excited, the fanciest thing for breakfast was the plates and napkins - it was cinnamon rolls (which I hate cinnamon) and a big bowl of mixed fruit.
There is a table on the boat but it's little and it was a slightly windy. The bright orange plates with the napkins featuring a little gold and navy made up for cinnamon rolls...LOVE.
This happened the moment breakfast was over.
Sometime during our stay the family wanted queso. I do have trouble saying no to them and it's queso! The top picture is the hubs - loaded queso with chips. 
Mine was loaded queso (all ingredients were low carb) and sliced radish chips to dip. Interesting I know but it was delicious and I felt like I enjoyed the yummy goodies along with everyone else.

Last night I was down to miscellaneous mix mash pieces of what I originally started with so everyone had a different place setting (no one cared...or noticed might be more like it). 
Black and White with Monkey Business
Summer plaid (sorry couldn't look up exact names my internet was wonky).
The lovely orange combo.

And one morning we had breakfast at Bluebonnet Cafe in Marble Falls, Tx. 

We are still enjoying lake life but I wanted to share what our table top looked like so far this week. Hope everyone's summer is off to a great start. Rethink how you look and use paper goods - they are great for fast meals, vacations, camping all kinds of fun family adventures.

Love and Limes,


  1. So pretty! You truly have an artistic eye!
    -Linda, NY
    ps I love that rimmel stay matte powder, btw...its a million times better than my laura Mercier loose face powder.

  2. Oh, Tikaa! I am so sad for you to not enjoy a CINNAMON ROLL! I will gladly, and always, join you for breakfast... so I can have yours. I'll trade you my fruit ;) Super cute place settings! Enjoy the vaca!

  3. Love the paper products, the monograms, and the styling!

  4. Love all your paper products. Very southern of you to keep it bright. And I'm impressed by your veggie tray. Hope to see you around the BCS Bloggers Group!