Thursday, June 4, 2015

Table Top Thursday with a little extra

I pulled out the bright and cheery Lilly for Target napkins and some of my favorite platters.
The monogram dish is a vintage find that I added a gold monogram to. And I have tons of ribbon around so - why not add a little gingham. Gingham always seems to work.

Breakfast is always in a hurry and when it's not we should call it lunch (because that's when we are eating). 
Casual and quick - pink paper placemats, disposable linen like napkins (it's breakfast for the children, not the Queen). Bamboo flatware, because it's my favorite. The plates were an instagram find from @lborginals (she's the most adorable woman, EVER). 
Thanks for stoping by for Table TopThursday. Next week will be full of paper options and disposables, more deets on that later. 

Last night we joined friends to celebrate a couple birthdays and the evening was lovely.
I stuck to my plan - which was to not worry a ton about the low carb eating and enjoy the evening, difficult plan, right? I had power washed the rest of my driveway and front walk which took four hours that morning so I thought I could treat myself a little. 
The meal was caters by Royers Cafe (from Round Top),and I wanted to jump head first into the filets they were so delicious. I didn't!  To manage my thoughts and decisions about the meal and more importantly the desserts, I decide that if I was going to partake in dessert then no mashed potatoes or bread (and I stuck to that). 
The friend's house the party was hosted at is beautiful. She has great style and taste.
Since Royers Cafe was catering and Tara and her crew were there dishing out yummy goodness - I knew pie was going to be an option so again I was planning ahead. But what I didn't know was...
Bread Pudding was going to be on the menu! NO ONE in my family can refuse bread pudding. NO ONE! Yes I feel guilty for partaking but again no potatoes or bread before and today it's water and water and maybe a lemon. The bread pudding was totally worth it. 
Again the homeowner has a beautiful home, lovely furnishings and collections. We love a trophy buckle and what a great way to display the ones not in wearing rotation.
The gifts of the night. Igloo cube cooler with monogram, patron, patron, patron and the sephora sun screen set (which is pretty great, check online or at sephora for it).

The week has been productive, full of sun (woo Hoo we are excited for the sun, after all the rain) and a great start to June.

Have a wonderful summer.
Love and Limes,


  1. Absolutely adorable and gorgeous! I bought some of those plates in a diff design from Laurie and I'm planning to use them in my picnic basket. :) Thanks for inspiring me to live a more beautiful life and celebrate every day! xoxoxoxo CZ

  2. In my next life I want to live in Texas! Love your table settings.
    - Linda, ny