Saturday, June 20, 2015

Table Top Thursday...a little late

This week was a bit of a whirl wind. We are here, there and a little at home. So not much for this weeks table tops. I was barely home. I'll work on making it up to you all.
These were the plates I found during the spring Round Top Antique Show. I paired them with black and white gingham and my favorite bamboo flatware.
I kept it super really basic!
This particular evening, my son requested sliders and it sounded perfect to me...or in other words, EASY! 
Since we are watching our carbs, no chips or fries. Instead roasted radishes, sliced cucumbers and left out of the picture were a batch of roasted carrots.
Tropical Storm Bill gave us more rain this week so after a few horse adventures and riding with different trainers we were stuck inside. Rain, bad weather, let's clean refrigerators and closets! This is our drink fridge and I like it a certain way. Yes I have issues, more than an encyclopedia but I like what I like. Plus no one in my house drinks anything the same!!!! Ugh the struggles- diet coke, water, bunny milk (strawberry milk), diet rootbeer..we have a drinking problem.
The clean out continued and I spent a few hours in my closet. It needed more of a re-organization than major overhaul. I have an addiction...let's be honest I have lots of addictions and obsessions. I live in Texas and it's hot 90% of the year so sandals basically work all year long.  
My other closet collection is Mexican shirts and dresses (I have a purse issue to but I shared that once and got a lot of nasty negative comments). My children say Mexican tops are like my sweatpants, I throw them on without thinking. 
Another rainy day his week I took half of the All-Star team to see Jurasic World. It was GOOD! Jurasic Park will alway be my favorite but this one was definitely worth seeing at the theaters. Love us some dinosaurs. After we went to eat Pizza, six boys...pretty sure I deserve a metal! Not to mention, I invited five boys (mine made six) and some how I got an extra without warning. That's a whole different story.
This sweet little face broke her head this week (her explanation)...or fell out of the bed and got two staples. She is tough as nails and sweet as candy! I love her.
 We ended our week at a horse show (in writing this as Pookie is showing). I fell down, stabbed myself with a pin, and look like a mess. It's been exhausting, but Pookie is having a blast.
In between events, Pookie and Louie were hanging out, chillaxing with a Sonic drink. 
Oh this happened - times three.

Not sure of all the deets next week but it's similar to this and full! I'm asked all the time how I do so much. Diet Coke, a helpful hubs and children and once in a blue moon I take a mental health day and hit Houston for a little therapy...or shopping

Hope all the dads out there have a wonderful Father's Day. To my Dad, thanks for giving us a different life than you had.
To the hubs- you could help with dinner once in a while,or be more attentive to the trash cans BUT I could careless because your a great dad. 

Love and Limes,

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